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December 21st - The new Genesee Figure Skating Club site is now active. Please go directly to the site by clicking on the following link or by typing into your browser. 








December 3rd - Minor Changes to the December Ice Schedule have been noted in the Calendar section and on the Ice Schedule page.


October 25th -  The Calendar for November is complete.


October 3rd -  Several Updates to the Site were made today, including the October Calendar and the Ice Schedule.


September 2nd - The Group Class Forms for the 2016-2017 fall/winter season are now on-line in the "Forms" section under the "Group classes" link. 


August 23rd - The Sign-up form for ice for the 2016-2017 fall/winter session is now available on the "Forms" link in the "Fall Ice Forms"  area.


July 17th - The calendar for August is complete through the end of the summer session. 


July 10th - The calendar for July is complete. The August calendar will be up shortly.


June 5th - The Membership Renewal Form for 2016-2017 has been added under the "Forms" section. USFS and GFSC memberships are due by July 1st. Be sure to download and fill out both pages  -  1) Membership form and  2) Waiver/Code of Ethics.

The summer session registration form has also been posted in the "Forms" section.


April 21st - The Calendar for the Spring Session has been completed and posted. Minor modifications are still possible and will be communicated through GFSC News and posted in the "Calendar" section of the web site. 


March 23rd -  The April Calendar is complete through the end of the fall/winter session. The calendar for the spring session will be posted soon.


March 3rd -  The Registration Form for the 2016 GFSC Spring Session at the Ritter Arena is now available for download in the "Forms" section under the "Spring Session" link.


February 29th -  The March Calendar is complete. Right now, it appears that there will be very few, if any, interruptions in our normal skating schedule during the month of March.


February 8th -  The Cupid's Corner Competition on February 12th has been postponed until a later date. There is no ice that day at Ritter.


February 4th - Several ice changes for February listed on Calendar and Ice Schedule pages.


February 3rd - There is no ice at Ritter this Friday, February 5th. 


February 1st - Updates to the Ice Schedule section, the Calendar section and the Forms section have been made in accordance with the revised ice schedule sent to the membership on 1/29/2016.


January 20th -  The application form for GFSC's Inaugural Showcase Competition is now open on EntryEeze. The direct lin is


January 14th -  The official Announcement for GFSC's Inaugural Showcase Competition has been added to the web site. It can be found in the  "Event Applications" area under the "Forms" link. The application form will be at Entryeeze on or about January 19th.


December  29th - The January Calendar is complete. More changes coming soon,


October 26th -  The December Calendar is complete. Please check it carefully as there are (again) a number of changes to the schedule.


October 21st -  The November Calendar is (finally) complete. Please check it carefully as there are several changes.


September 22nd -  Minor updates done on several pages. A ""NEW"" section has been added to the "Ice Schedule" link showing the dates when our ice schedule has changed. These changes may be a cancellation, a modified start or stop time, or a move from one venue to the other. The actual changes will be listed on the "Calendar" link.


August 26th -  The tentative list of GFSC events has been added to the "Events" link. Ice-related events through October have been added to the calendar.


August 23rd -  The September and October calendars are complete. The list of tests passed on August 20th has been posted. 


August 11th - GFSC's International Adult Ice Dance Weekend Announcement has been added to the "Dance Weekend" area in the "Forms" link. 


July 5th -  The summer session calendar is on-line.

Coming soon will be the events calendar for 2015-2016, and the ice schedule for the fall/winter 2015-2016 session at Polisseni and Ritter.  Updates to many of the other pages will be rolled out this summer as soon as information is finalized.


June 8th -  The Registration form for GFSC's summer session is now available in the "Forms" area.


May 22nd - The Membership Renewal Form for the coming season has been added to the "Forms" link. Dues for both GFSC and USFS are due by July 1. Neither GFSC nor USFS has raised dues this year. be sure to fill out and mail the waiver form as well.


May 13th - A reminder to let Kris Christian know of your plans to attend GFSC's End-of-Year  party and awards on Friday, May 29th, starting at 6 pm, at Clover Lanes on Monroe Avenue. Food and awards at 6 pm, bowling at 7 pm. Free.


May 4th - The flyer and entry blank for the 2015 Spring Exhibition is available through the "Forms" link 


April 26th - The calendar for GFSC's spring session is complete.  


March 26th - The April Calendar is complete. 


March 6th - The Registration form for the GFSC Spring Session at the Ritter rink is now available on the "Forms" link in the "Spring 2015" area.


March 2nd - The March Calendar is complete. 


February 18th - The Announcement for the 19th Genesee Invitational is now available on the "Forms" link.  Registration for the competition is now online at Entryeeze -


February 18th -  Updated information on the 19th Genesee Invitational, April 17-19, 2015, has been added to the "Genesee Invitational" link.


January 19 - The February Calendar is Complete.


January 11th - The official Genesee FSC Apparel link is now live.   The link closes February 10, 2015.

There are fleeces, warmup outfits, sparkle tees and many other items available at modest prices.  Yes, hoodies too.  Be sure to check out the color choices as well.

All prices include sales tax.  Any major credit card is acceptable to our vendor.  No, that does not include PayPal.

Click on the “LINKS” tab in the left hand list. On the "LINKS" page, click the link to "GFSC Apparel at Special Tees".

If you have any questions please email Lynn Hayes at


December 19th - The January Calendar is complete.


December 10th -  The December calendar is complete.


December 4th - Information about GFSC's first "Winter Wishes" Basic Skills Competition, to be held at the Ritter Arena on Saturday, January 10, 2015 has been posted on the "Competitions" page, and the Announcement for the event has been posted in the "BS Comp" section on the "Forms" page.


December 1st -  The December calendar is complete through 12/19.


October 22nd - The Calendar for November is complete. 


September 25th - The calendar for October has been updated. Please pay attention to the weekend of October 24-26, as ice will be limited due to the Adult Ice Dance Weekend.  At this time, there appear to be no other ice revisions or cancellations for the month of October.


September 20th - Extra ice has been secured at Ritter for Tuesday, September 23rd, from 4:00 pm to 6:15 pm, and on Monday, September 29th, from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm. GFSC members please see the Friday, September 19th, "GFSC News" email for details.


September 16th - An updated Ice Schedule has been uploaded to the "Forms" page. The changes are for times on Saturday and Sunday at Ritter. A "GFSC News" email was sent to members regarding these changes as well as a reminder of the group classes offered this season.


September 8th -  The calendar for September is complete.


September 8th -  Our first weekend of skating for this season happened over the weekend at the Frank Ritter Arena. We welcomed many skaters and answered many questions about our new ice packages and our new arena. Our next skating sessions will be Friday, Saturday, and Sunday again at the Frank Ritter Arena. On Monday, September 15th, at 5 pm, we begin our skating sessions at the new Gene Polisseni Center. See the "Ice Schedule" page and/or the "Calendar" page for additional details.


August 18th -  A tentative list of club events has been added to the "Events" page and to the Calendar.


August 15th - A list of tests passed on August 4th and August 8th has been posted in the Test Sessions area. Click on the "Test Sessions" link to view. 


August 12th - GFSC's International Adult Ice Dance Weekend is scheduled for October 24, 25, and 26, 2014. The Registration Form (PDF) can be found on the "Forms" link. 


July 29th - the Fall Schedule, and Ice Registration Form was added to the "Forms" page under the "Fall Ice Forms" heading. This was also emailed to members via GFSC News on July 28th.


June 20th - Updated Rules for GFSC members for the upcoming season have been added to the "Rules" page. 


June 19th - Information on GFSC's Theatre on Ice team was added to the "Theatre on Ice" page.


June 14th - the Waiver of Liability and the Code of Ethics page was added to the "Handout" on the "Membership" page.


June 5th -  information was added to the "Membership" page and to the "Coaches" page.