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Tuesday, January 13

   2012 Local Rule for Baseball
Age Chart - Baseball and Softball  2010 Little League Rule Changes
 CBJ Scholarship Form and Instructions  2010 Pitching Rule Changes
 Proof of Age Requirements  2010 Tournament Rule Changes
 12 Year Old Waiver Request Form  Pitch Count Regulation Guide

 12 Year Old Frequently Asked Questions 

2014 Pool Player Form


 PARENTS  2012 GCLL Local Rules for Softball
 Parent Code of Conduct  2010 Little League Rule Changes
 Parent FAQs  
 Volunteer Application
 Volunteer FAQs  Top 25 Rule Myths
 Medical Release Form  Infield Fly Rule Explained
 OTHER  Interference
 Scorekeeping Clinic Presentation (Requires Acrobat Reader)  Obstruction
 Southeast Tournament Rotation (2008-2017)  Collision vs Interference
 GCLL Safety Plan  Rules Discussion (Foot on plate, check swing, etc.)
 Little League Newsletter  
 Sweatshirts/Pullovers/Hats Flyer & Price List


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