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Managers and coaches are the heart of our volunteers.  If you are interested in leading a team please complete the Managers application available below.  Volunteers wishing to assist a manager with coaching should fill out the league volunteer form, also available below.  All applications must be accompanied by a photo copy of your drivers license so we may complete a background check.  This is a requirement of our Little League charter.

 Team Manager Application  Softball - Local Rules
 Coach Application  Guidelines for Softball Coaches & Parents
 2012 Baseball Local Rules  Hitting Drills
 2010 Little League Rule Changes  Fly Ball Drills
 2010 Pitching Rule Changes  Fun Drills
 2010 Tournament Rule Changes  
 Baseball - Pitch Count Regulation Guide  
 Guidelines for Baseball Coaches & Parents  
 Top 25 Baseball Rule Myths (Check this out!!!)  Practice Plan #2- 1 hr OFFENSE
 The COACH'S BOX (LL Coaches Newsletter)  Practice Plan #3
 Little League Coaches Home Page  
 ABC Coaches Sample Practices (Very Good!!)  
 Baseball Articles.com (Great Coaches Resource!!!)  
 Medical Release Form  



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