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Welcome to the home of the St Vincent Ferrer Hornets


Mission Statement
The St. Vincent Ferrer Athletic Commission will strive to create for the children of St. Vincent Ferrer Parish a true Christian environment in which to participate in organized sports, to have fun, and to develop skills, leadership, and sportsmanship.

The athletic program of St. Vincent Ferrer Parish is structured with the best interest of a child’s growth and development at heart. Certain goals have been set for the young athletes within our programs: to learn fundamentals and skills of sports through active participation, to use and improve personal talents by receiving necessary direction according to level of ability, to function as a member of a team working to achieve a common goal, and to learn to deal with others with respect, honesty, and fairness.


Commission Members  

Commissioner Tim Carter  891-8135
Secretary Open  
Treasurer Jeff Riggs 235-4040
Parish Council Rep Tim Carter  
Compliance Coordinator Open
Soccer Coordinator Kim Koterba 772-6233
Basketball Coordinator Rich Crandell 272-3739
Volleyball Coordinator Denis McGrath 733-9264
Golf Gerald Shannon  
Fundraising Coordinator OPEN  
Concessions Erin Frank  791-6935
Equipment Coordinator Open  
Gym Coordinator Tim Carter 891-8135
Uniform Coordinator Jim Fiebig  
Communication Coordinator Open  
Member-at-Large John Driscoll  

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Positive Coaching Alliance Link

Coaches are required to take an online course and certification thru Positive Coaching Alliance. Click on the link above. Athletics reimburses cost.