Green Brook Hockey Club: Bylaws and Rules

GBHC Bylaws as of September 2010
Handout: GBHC Bylaws September 2010

Our Zero Tolerance Policy
At the May 5,2005 Green Brook Hockey Club Board meeting, our Zero Tolerance policy was revised to include the following statements into the GBHC House Rules:

1. Any verbal abuse, negative comments, or deliberate unsportsmanlike conduct before, during, or after a game will result in immediate suspension and disciplinary action by the GBHC.

2. First offense will result in a full game suspension to the player involved.

3. In order to satisfy the one game suspension, a player must remain on the bench (helmet must be worn) for the next scheduled game without being allowed to participate in the game.

4. The player will not be reinstated to play until he/she has satisfied the full game suspension requirement.

5. Any second offense will result in a suspension from the GBHC for the remainder of the regular season and playoffs.