Green Brook Hockey Club: Rink Rules

Please Obey All Our Rink Rules!!


The Green Brook Hockey Club requests that all parents, players, and fans obey all of our rules around the rink area. These rules include the following:

1) No standing, sitting, or skating on our handicapped ramp (For handicapped use only!!!)
2) No dogs are allowed at the rink or on the school grounds.
3) Players, refs, and coaches only are allowed in the area in the back past the gate.
4) Do not leave trash around the rink area. Also, please help out by picking up any trash you see around the rink! Starting in Fall 2009 we have recycling bins around the rink. We ask that everyone please recycle their plastic bottles, etc. and put all other trash in the trash bins.

5) Do not park anywhere on the basketball court area or on the sides of this area as well.
6) Do not direct any disparaging remarks at our players or our refs. Anyone heard doing this will be subject to ejection from the rink area.

7)The speed limit in the parking lot is 5 mph.

8) No parking on the basketball courts (or on the sides of the parking lot close to the school shed).

9) There is no parking on the grass of the school property.

10) No cars are allowed behind the school before 6:00 pm! If you need to drop your child off for an early practice or need to get to the rink, you must park your car on the side of the school and walk to the rink. 


Thank you for making our rink a safe and fun place for our kids to learn the game of hockey!