Garelochhead: Club History

Helensburgh F.C. is a continuation of a club formed back in 1981. The Club was then known as Clyde Centre Youth Football Club and was founded in the October of that year as part of the youth club attached to the Community Centre at the old Clyde St School. There was only one team formed at that time but Jim Gray, the clubs chairman, realised that there were a number of other boys who wished to play football but not necessarily be a member of a community centre.

With this mind Jim decide to pull away from the youth centre, although he decided to keep the association via the name, and opened the membership to all local boys.
This proved very popular and at least 70 boys joined the following season

The club has always played in and Supported the local leagues and took part in the old West Dunbartonshire Youth Football League at various age groups winning a couple of trophies along the way. Until this league eventually folded. By this time the formation of soccer sevens had taken hold and a new league run by the West Youth Development league took over the place of the old guard.

However this was not the first time the club had taken part in organised small sided games.
A year after they formed, the club instigated the Clyde Cup.
A very popular small sided competition played between local teams at various age groups. The funds of which normally went to some local good cause. What eventually happened to this cup and competition is not known but it was surely one of the forerunners of the now popular soccer sevens.

Jumping forward to present day and the club is now known as Helensburgh F.C.
This decision was taken 3 years ago when the committee decided that as the old School was now derelict then the club would maybe benefit by renaming itself and they felt that it would be better renaming the club after the town from whence they came. Also at that time the local paper ran a couple of stories relating to the original Helensburgh FC. from the late 1800's With this in mind the committee decided that they would like to resurrect the name and so Clyde Centre became Helensburgh F.C.

The start of season 2010/2011 saw the birth of The Helensburgh Amateurs; it has been some years since the town had its own recognised adult team.
It was agreed that for the coming season the team were to be registered in the West of Scotland Amateur Football League

The present committee and members continue to provide an avenue for the young people of the town and surrounding area to take part in this great game of football carrying on a tradition that was started over 25 years ago by Jim Gray.