Gardner Boys Travel Basketball: Welcome


Gardner Boys Travel Basketball (GBTB) gives boys from 4th grade through 8th grade an opportunity to play competitive basketball while learning the importance of commitment, teamwork and true sportsmanship.


Remember - boys can play up one grade. 3rd graders can try out for the 4th grade team. This is a very competitive league and not everyone will be chosen for a team. Try-outs are to determine skill sets and the head coach reserves the right to choose or deny players for their teams. If you are not chosen for a team, we suggest playing for the Gardner Biddy Ball League (if in 3rd grade) or the Gardner Rec League. Work on your skills and we hope you will come back next year!


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Congratulations to our 8th and 6th grade teams for their achievments this season!

Our 8th grade team finished first in their division with a 10-1 record.

Our 6th grade team finished first in their division with an 11-0 record and won the championship game yesterday during our playoffs weekend.

Both teams will be attending states again this year, March 19 & 20 in Foxboro, MA.