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Garden City Titans
Mike Burek
Garden City, Michigan

Welcome to the Titans web page!!

Greetings players,parents and fans.Welcome to our web page.

We are a u15 travel soccer team located in Garden City Michigan. We practice hard, play hard and we have fun. We don't strive to be the best, we strive to be the best that WE can be. Whether as a coach or a player, we give all we can to our team and teammates. We work together for the good of the team. On the field we are one unit.... WE ARE THE TITANS!!

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Saturday, October 30
TITANS Finish 2nd!!!

Ahhh, what a season. Losing 8 players, getting 4 new ones, 3 players playing 2 years up and all but 2 of the rest playing 1 year up sounds like a recipe for disaster, but not for the Titans. They took to the task and had a very good season. Even playing 1 game with 10 players and 2 games with 11, they were competitive in every game. They were second in goals for and goals against. What could have been a give up season, the Titans came through. Nice Job Guys!!!



Fall 2000 - First Travel Season                                            5-3-0
    Finished in second place in the Erie division of the Titans inaugural season

Spring 2001 - Moved up 2 divisions                                          
    Struggled as the team was moved up 2 divisions to the Michigan division. The team was not properly prepared for the talent level in this division and the coach vowed that this will never happen again. It was a learning experience for all. The games were close, but difficult. 12 of 14 players returned for the Fall.

Canton Cup 2001 - First Tournament                                    1-2-0
    In their first tournament, the Titans lost their first two games, then on Sunday pulled off a huge upset winning 6-4 in the "Mud Game". The "Garbage People" ROCKED!!

Fall 2003 - Back down to Erie                                         9-0-1   
After being moved back down 2 divisions to Erie, the team clicked and was better prepared. They finished in 1st place and outscored their opponents 42-9. They led the league in defense and scoring. They also had 4 shut outs.

Chevy Cup 2001                                                      3-0-0
The Titans played in the Chevy Cup Tournament for the first time and went undefeated with a 3-0 record. They had 3 shut outs as they outscored their opponents 5-0.

Spring 2002 - Up two spots to Michigan again            6-1-1
    Back up to Michigan, the better prepared Titans finished second. They outscored their opponents 25-7 and had 2 shutouts. Again they led the League in defense.

Canton Cup 2002                                                        0-2-1
Played well against 2 Select and 1 Superior level team.

Fall 2002 - The Superior Division                                 3-2-3
The Titans moved up to the top level travel division in Great Lakes. They handled the challenge with a decent record against some tough teams. They again led the division in defense by only giving up 8 goals in 8 games and had 3 shutouts. To improve, they will need to work on scoring more goals as they only had 12. 

Chevy Cup 2002                                                         2-0-1
    Again went undefeated in this tournament. Had 3 shutouts and outscored their opponents 5-0.

Spring 2003 - Stayed in Superior                                   9-1-0
Worked hard on their offense while maintaining an emphasis on defense. It paid off as the Titans finished in first place and scored 34 goals. They again led the league in defense by only giving up 11 goals in 10 games. They also recorded 2 shutouts.

Livonia Spree 2003                                                        3-1-0
    Participated in the Livonia Spree Tournament for the first time and did very well. Won all three of their preliminary games but lost in the final in the second overtime to a Select team. They outscored their opponents 13-4 in the 4 games.

Fall 2003 - Went to WSSL                                              8-0-0
    The Titans left Great Lakes to take on teams in the Western Suburban Soccer League (WSSL). The Titans rolled to an 8-0 record, outscored their opponents 44-3 and recorded 6 shutouts. Only 1 goal was given up by the Titans at even strength. They again led the league in both offense and defense. They proved the are an elite travel team and will look for new challenges in the spring season.

Chevy Cup 2003                                                             3-0-0
    Did very well as they went undefeated and and outscored the opposition 17-0. In 3 years at this tourney, the Titans have never given up a goal.

Spring 2004 - WSSL Select                                             4-3-1
    The only place to go was up to the Select level and that is what the Titans did. The record was quite respectable. Every loss was by only 1 goal. They outscored their opponents 18-13 and finished 2nd in both offense and defense. Excellent job considering the jump in talent from travel to Select.

Canton Cup 2004                                                             1-1-1
    Had a nice showing and played very competitively in the select level of this tournament.

Fall 2004 U15 Division                                                     6-3-1
What an interesting season. As a U14 team, we are placed in a U 15 division. We lose 8 players and pick up 4 new ones. 3 kids now have to play 2 years up. And all but 2 are playing 1 year up. The Titans played 2 games with 0 subs and 1 game with only 10 players yet they stayed strong. They were second in goals scored with 46 and second in goals against with 22. In a season that could have been very difficult, the Titans showed their true grit and finished 2nd in the division.

Do you know what the signal are?


Don't Mess With The US!!!
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Sunday, September 30


Attitude and Teamwork

A good attitude and hard work is the key to our success. Poor attitudes (deemed detrimental to the team) WILL NOT be tolerated. We have never really had a problem with this and I don't expect one now.
When we show up to practice, bring your ball, your water, your cleats, your shin guards and a workman like attitude. We are there to practice. We will have fun, but we have to work hard as well.
Parents, enjoy the team as they play soccer. Encourage them. Don't coach them from the sideline. That is our job. Yours is to cheer.If you have a problem, concern or question please call or email me.
We are all in this together. Lets work together and make it a great experience for the kids. After all, it is for the kids.

                  Mike Burek
                  Head Coach               

Saturday, September 8
Check it all out!!

Make sure you check the whole site out. Click on news to find a game summary. It will be updated after every game.

Friday, September 7
Rain or Shine

Remember team, we play rain or shine. We MUST show up for every game. Only the ref on the field can cancel a game.

Make sure you show up at least 30 minutes early to every game. This will give us time to warm up and stretch out.

Tuesday, September 4
Schedules and Rosters

Be sure to click on the tabs on the left. They contain info on schedules, practices, games, stats etc. They will be updated periodically, so be sure to check often.


Sunday, October 7
A Cool Soccer Shoot-Out Game

Hey, try this shoot-out game. Just be sure to use your click back button on your browser to come back to our site. Good luck!!

Monday, October 15

The Titans Rock!!!!

Monday, April 29
So You Think Your Fast?

Let's see how fast you are!! Try This!!

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Garden City Titans
Garden City Titans
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