Absegami High School Crew Website: Welcome

Absegami Crew will be participating in Galloway's National Night Out on Tuesday, August 5th. Athletes are asked to meet at the municipal building at 5:30 pm dressed in your finest crew wear. Please come out and help to promote our team. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend! Thank you! Any questions please feel free to contact Kim Meyer at gamicrewpresident@gmail.com.




The Absegami Crew Parents Association is proud to announce this years scholarships winners.

Sue Greenwood and Shiv Patel

Congratulations and May the Oars be with you.   









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10-Week Club Winners!

  Wk 1- Sister Percylee Hart from Scotch Plains

Wk 2- ACPA (person who purchased ticket donated it back) 

Wk 3- Mari Lynn Sommers from Ithaca NY.

Wk 4- David J Makar Galloway

Wk 5 Maryemma Cherry, Galloway NJ 

Wk 6- Carole Smith from Waterford NJ

Wk 7- Dena Bakley

Wk 8- Ken Dorsett

Wk 9- P Moeller 



New Members . . .

Your Crew Liaison is:
      Maria Spagnoli 

Need to print a race schedule?
To view schedules for both Lake Lenape and Philadelphia races go to: https://www.regattacentral.com
click on "Regattas" in the top bar and look for the date of the race.  You can click on the "entries" column and see what event number your athlete is racing in.  You can also go to: http://phillyflicks.com/   Good Luck everyone!!

Girls Head Coach: Brad Young sail32s@verizon.net
Boys Coach: Todd Warker cell 609-338-9387
Coach Liason: Steve Marshall - cell 609-432-3643

Absegami Crew Parents Association / P.O. Box 773, Absecon, NJ 08201