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03-18-14 11:47 AM
Clarksville Local Weather
Georgia Dixie Youth Baseball
Jerry Holmes
(706) 754-1661
Clarksville, Georgia

Tuesday, March 19


Georgia Dixie Youth Baseball Welcomes You                                                Welcome to the Georgia Dixie Youth Baseball web site. Come back often to see what's new.  If there's something you would like to see added to this site, please send your suggestions to

Jerry E. Holmes





Requirements for hosting the State Tournaments are as follows and all potential host must guarantee these in writing:

(1) The host will substantiate they have the know-how to put on the Tournament and have the support of their                      community.  

(2) The host will provide a program to sell and will include, at a minimum the following:                                                       (a) Welcome letter from the State Director                                                                                                                   (b) Previous State Champions                                                                                                                                         (c) State Records                                                                                                                                                           (d) Team Pictures                                                                                                                                                           (e) List of Dixie Youth Directors (State, National and District)                                                                                       (f) The tournament bracket

(3) Have a field or fields that are lighted and will conform to the specification as outlined in the official rule                     guide book.

(4) Have an official score keeper and public address announcer.

(5) Have three qualified umpires (each game) who must be familiar with and knowledgeable of Dixie Youth Baseball         rules.  These umpires will be provided by the State Umpire-In-Chief.  The State or Assistant State Director must           make approval of umpires.  These umpires will be paid by the host at $35 each per game.

(6) Furnish approved Dixie Youth baseballs.

(7) U.S. Flag to be flown during all games.

(8) Have rest room available near by.

(9) Have seating for at least 500 spectators.

(10) Post large Tournament Bracket.

(11) Have invocation and play the National Anthem song each day of scheduled games.

(12) Have a hospitality room for Dixie Youth Officials and their immediate families.  The hospitality room will be                  provided for the first two days of all Georgia State Tournaments.  After that, it is optional with the directors              having access to the concession stand.

(13) Have practice fields.

(14) (Meal is optional) Furnish a cookout type meal to all tournament teams of the tournament (date and time                        determined by tournament director) following by the opening ceremonies.  Limit opening ceremonies to one                    hour.  ALL TEAMS ARE REQUIRED TO ATTEND.

(15) Have rosin for pitchers.

(16) Provide a place and chairs for Protest Committee.

(17) Have rain checks. (if necessary)

(18) Have a field crew for field or fields.

(19) Have plastic or tarp and sand in case of rain.

(20) Give players home run ball.

(21) Have water and cups at each dugout.

(22) Provide a meeting room to be used by the officials and coaches for a Pre-Tournament meeting.

(23) Introduce all players, managers and coaches before each game.

(24) Have some one to take pictures and give to the State or Assistant State Directors.  (Pictures may be used in the             Dixie Youth Calendar and Baseline Magazine)

(25) Make arrangements at 2 or 3 restaurants for special prices for teams to eat at.

(26) Host League will provide to each team the cost and accommodation at 2 or 3 hotels, then each team can make their         own freservations.

(27) Host League will provide two rooms at no cost to DYB, one for the tournament director and one for the UIC.

(28) Have souvenirs (T-Shirts and caps) for teams and fans to purchase.

(29) Host will provide a financiel statement to the State Director within thirty days after all Georgia State                           tournaments.

(30) Host will provide water to working umpires during all State Tournaments.

(31) 20% of the first day's gate of all Georgia Dixie Youth tournaments will go to the Scholarship Fund, this will be            managed by the district director and turned over to the State or Assistant State Director no later than Monday            in the week of the tournament.

(32) Other items as requested by the State or Assistant State Director.



Cost to host State Tournaments:  (DOES NOT INCLUDE UMPIRES OR BASEBALLS


Tee-Ball                           $3,000.00                                                                                                                               Pee Wee (Kid Pitch)          $3,500.00                                                                                                                             Pee Wee (Coach Pitch)      $3,500.00                                                                                                                             Minor                               $3,500.00                                                                                                                               Major                               $3,500.00                                                                                                                             O-Zone                             $3,500.00                                                                                                                                









2013 Georgia State Tournaments

Pee Wee (Kids Pitch) begins on June 29 @ Winder

Pee Wee (Coach Pitch) begins on July 6 @ Ft. Oglethorpe

Majors begins on July 6 @ Ft. Oglethorpe

O-Zone begins on July 6 @ Ft. Oglethorpe

Minors begins on July 13 @ Albany Dixie 




2013 Georgia District Tournaments

 District 1

Pee Wee (Coach Pitch)  Troup County                   June 22 

Minor                           Manchester                       June 29

Major                           Thomaston                         June 22

District 2 

Pee Wee (Coach Pitch) Chickamauga                     June 15

Minor                            Chickamauga                     June 15

Major                           Ringgold                            June 22

O-Zone                         Ringgold                            June 22 

District 3

Tee Ball                         Jones County                   June 8

Pee Wee (Coach Pitch)  West Macon                    June 15

Minor                             Warner Robins                June 22

Major                             Warner Robins                June 15 

O-Zone                          West Macon                    June 15

District 4 Call your District Director Chris Yount  706-821-2800 

District 5  

Pee Wee                       Albany American             June 8                       

Minor                            Albany International       June 22                  

Major                           Lee County                       June 15                       

District 6

Tee Ball (Sub District A)   Dacula                         June 8

Tee Ball (Sub District B)   Lawrenceville              June 8

Tee Ball (District)              Buford                         June 15

Pee Wee (A)                        North Gwinnett          June 8            

Pee Wee (B)                         Mill Creek                  June 8             

Minor (A)                              Dacula                        June 8

Minor (B)                              Lawrenceville             June 8                             

O-Zone                                 Mill Creek                  June 8                     

District 7

Tee Ball                                Mt. Park                    June 15                       

Pee Wee (Kid Pitch)             Archer                       June 15

Pee Wee (Coach Pitch)         Norcross                   June 15 

Minor                                     Mt. Park                    June 15                          

Major                                    Archer                       June 15                          




Tuesday, June 5

District 1 Director

Vic Dowis

Manchester Rec. Dept.  121 Perry St.

Manchester, Ga.  31816

Phone #: Home: (706) 655-2394  Cell: (706) 741-4497  Business: (706) 846-3741


Tuesday, March 19
2013 State Tournaments

     Dixie Youth Baseball, Inc.  

 2013 Georgia State Tournaments  


Pee Wee (Kid Pitch) begins on June 29@ Winder

Pee Wee (Coach Pitch) begins on July 6 @ Ft. Oglethorpe

O-Zone begins on July 6 @ Ft. Oglethorpe

Majors begins on July 6 @ Ft. Oglethorpe 

Minor begins on July 13 @ Albany Dixie 




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