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Club Motto - "No One Gets Left Behind" 

Be a FYTR and "Find Yourself Thru Running"

A "fighter" is someone who does not easily admit defeat in spite of difficulties or opposition.  They are a warrior of sorts.  Not condoning or encouraging any violence here!  As a member of the FYTR Club, you will most certainly Find Yourself Thru Running.  This club is designed to get people out the door, get active and stick with it.  It embraces people of all skills and athletic abilities (even if you don't have any!) We will primarily be organizing groups to run and walk, but will also organize hikes, bike rides and whatever other sporting interest you may have.  The goal here is to get moving, have alot of fun in the process and watch your mind and body transform over time.  There will be availability for custom, individual and group training runs for those with a competitive goal in mind.  We are also looking to host health and nutrition related seminars to enhance your knowledge of healthy lifestyle choices.  Topic ideas are more than welcome!


Members qualify for a 15% discount on running shoes, clothes, gear, etc. at www.runningwarehouse.com  with use of a special club code on the Members Only page.


Our Calendar page will keep you up to date with the running days and times we will be meeting.


With Spring right around the corner, our weekly runs have resumed on Tuesday evenings at 6:15 pm, and Saturday mornings at 8 am.  All are invited to come out and join us.  If you are a walker, please contact me so I can coordinate the schedule separate from the runners.  I do require that all participants complete the Membershop Form, but all fees have been waived to join the club.    


For additional information please contact:

Michele De Vito                                                                                                                                                 973-615-6519

fytr_club@hotmail.com   http://www.atmbnj.massagetherapy.com/                                                                                                                       www.isport.com/m-d-v                                                                     



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