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Sunday, July 21
2013 Coaches Game Day Review & Check List
July 18, 2013
To:                All High School Head Coaches & Athletic Directors
                     All Youth League Head Coaches & Trustees

From:           SICOA Board of Directors

Re:                2013 Coaches Game Day Review & Check List

Attached to this e-mail, please find the 2013 edition of our annual head coaches review & check list.
This 7 page pdf document has been prepared to assist head coaches and administrators in being
better prepared on game day.
It also has the 2013 NFHS rule changes that will be enforced this fall. New rules and some changes
will be implemented that you must be familiar with. Remember, never confuse NFHS rules that you
play by with NCAA and NFL rules. They are different.
It is our pleasure to serve you in 2013.
In the event that you need to correspond with us regarding rule questions, please feel free to do so.
We want you to be prepared on game day to do your job and allow the officials to do what they are
trained to do. No official is perfect. Mistakes will be made.
But it is imperative that you demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times. Acts of misbehavior, by
rule, will not be tolerated by game officials.
And, keep in mind that the head coach is the only coach that officials will interact with during the game.
Assistant coaches may never address game officials disrespectfully by word or action. Again, by rule
the head coach is responsible for the actions of all non-players that he permits in his team box.
Finally, administrators are always welcomed to address game officials. Before the game, at half-time
and following the game, administrators may professionally address the officials on any issues that
may need clarification. However, administrators may never enter the field during the game at any time
and disrupt play for reasons unrelated to weather safety,
If your schedule changes, please notify us immediately. This includes rain out games and games that
are postponed due to weather or other instances. To assure you get officials to your re-scheduled
games, we must be notified through your athletic director or conference representative.
Our weekly bulletins will start going out again in late August. They are sent to every high school head
coach and youth conference for review and distribution.
Have a terrific season.

Handout: 2013 Coaches Game Day Review & Check List
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