FYD Tampa Bay Pop Warner: THAT'S WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT!: That's What it is All About--9/1/12

Wednesday, September 5
That's What it is All About--9/1/12

Just wanted to share a letter from a Panther parent to the Prowlers. This is what its all about.

Mr. Bruce,

I am the mother of Elijah Green. Just wanted to send my warm felt thank you to your entire staff for helping my son and my entire family during this past Saturday's game. Elijah had a near syncopal episode during his game. It is my belief that he became dehydrated during this game. He is doing great now. Your coaches, parents, and the entire Prowlers staff were fantastic. Again, thanks for being there for us when we needed you the most.

Yours truly,

La'Shon C. Green

Mother of Elijah S. Green (player on Palm Harbor Panthers JM team )

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