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Saturday, January 21
2012 Vision
FYD Board Members (Association Contacts);

Since you all have nominated me for another term as president of FYD, I wanted to share a few thoughts about my vision for 2012. Specifically, I want YOU and your appointed reps to be an integral part of conference wide decision making and planning. I want our existing committees such as scholastics and registrars to consider themselves a part of the conference staff as well as the Association staff. For example, I recently got an email from a scholastic coordinator who basically explained that she would not attend conference meetings for scholastics, but would be willing to help with the paperwork. In my opinion, that person should then be appointed as an assistant, and that board should select someone who is willing to a part of the conference team. Likewise, I have plans for the registrars to take a bigger role and in turn get more help and respect for doing a job that is sometimes thankless. Overall, I believe this approach will bring more satisfaction and deserving respect to these volunteers. And, hopefully, reduce the turn over that we currently have in these important positions.

Of course, I have always seen your role as a dual role. You represent your Association at the board meetings, but more importantly, you represent FYD to your neighborhood. A few years ago, I got a call from an FYD board member who wanted to know if we were sending an FYD rep to their games. My answer was, "Yes, you.". In short, I believe that if FYD is going to continue to be the best youth sports program in Tampa Bay, then all of our volunteers have to continue to believe that they are FYD.

You are FYD,

Dwayne P. Renaker, Ed.S.
School Psychologist
President FYD Tampa Bay Pop Warner
SE Region Pop Warner Training Coor.

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