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Wednesday, July 20
Coaches Presentation
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Presidents, Commissioners, & Coordinators;
Thank you all very much for your attendance and patience at the meeting on July 20th.  Being pressed for time, I know my presentation was probably a bit manic.  Nevertheless, I hope that you all got the overall gist of my message.  I really want us all to push our professionalism to a new level.   My goal was to re-focus FYD and bring us to an even higher level of service to the children in our communities.  When you meet with your coaches, I hope that message comes through.  
Please email me the date, time, and place of your next coaches meeting when you will be giving this presentation.  If possible, and with your invitation, a member of the FYD Management Team may be able to sit-in on your presentation if you like.
I did adjust the slides on the MPR spotters and recorders; I appreciate that feedback.  We will reiterate that in our parent training.  The weigh-in stamp issue will be covered in the Weigh-Master Training.  And I apologize for not being clear about this issue.  We do have a procedure that has been in place, and we do want to have it implemented consistently across the board.  I appreciate those who brought that out.  That is one of the many reasons why we fired all of the Weigh Masters and will be retraining them this year.  
Thanks again - good luck with your presentations,
Dwayne P. Renaker, Ed.S.
School Psychologist
President, FYD Tampa Bay Warner
SE Region Pop Warner Training Coordinator

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