NMYSA Risk Mgmt
RISK MANAGEMENT DISCLOSURE FORM (use link below or click here)

Any person having contact with the players or having access to the players personal information, must complete a disclosure form. This includes Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Team Manager. Anyone who fills in for the coach, either at practice or at games must also have this completed. Any person not cleared by the Club, League & State cannot be on the field at any time.

 All teams are required to have a minimum of two adults, with proof of passed background check (finalized card & on permanent roster) at every practice.  During games, no one is allowed on the field who does not meet this requirement.

Use this link to access the risk management form:


***This must be done before any rosters or cards can be printed. So please complete yours as soon as possible.*** 

DO NOT print out the form and send it to FUSA. You must complete this form online and press the submit button for this to be completed. If you do not complete this form online, you will be unable to be on the field or assist with any games or practices. This is a state & national regulation and we cannot make exceptions. Thank you.

Tuesday, August 10

Use the link below to sign up for YM1 & YM2 training classses.  If you are unsure of the classes you have already taken, send an email to our Registrar and she will look it up and email you back.  She is extremely busy but will try to get back to you with 24-48 hours.

Coaching Soccer 101

Here are some websites that offer coaching tips and practice drills. You may find something useful.  (this one is maintained by our State Association - check it out for changing information) (this site sends coaching tips twice a week, for free just by signing up with your email address)

 AND for Coaching Girls Soccer, check out this one:

FCYSL CANCELLATION POLICY (click here to read or print)

This is the official Game Cancellation Policy of the FCYSL effective Fall 2008. It also includes contact information for all of the Referee Assignors in the FCYSL Game Schedules.

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Changing a team's name must be handled each year by July 15th, as players cards are very limited and cannot be re-issued just to change a team name.  As of July 31st, no further name changes can be made for the full-year teams.

New teams for the Spring season are allowed to choose their team name via the procedure listed below, however this must be finalized by January 31st of each year. 

Please notify us, via email, early enough for your request to be reveiwed and/or accommodated.

If your team is new and you did not send in your request to the Registrar by the stated dates, your team name will be the coach's last name for the full soccer year. 

Please email us with your request including three choices in order of preference, the Registrar will review it and let you know if any of the names you have requested can be used. As of Fall 2006, we no longer allow more than one team in FUSA to have the same name, regardless of age group.

This is for FUSA Rec teams only.

 Here is a link to a list of suggested team names: