Fury Baseball 417: Philosophy

Monday, May 18

Coaching Philosophy

I believe that kids gain confidence and a love for the game through positive feedback from parents, coaches, and other players.  Skill level develops at different rates for kids, but effort and having fun can always be achieved.  I try to always provide positive feedback for effort.

Players need a patient, supportive coach that can teach and motivate in a positive way. Knowing how to be positive and having the ability to communicate with our players is more important to a successful season than knowing many aspects of the game. 

Each player needs to know that we care for him as an individual and that we believe he is an important part of the team. We will always take the time to talk to all players individually.

Have Fun

Fun is essential for kids of all ages.  Our practices will allow our players to do the things they enjoy. We have created an environment that is structured and varied enough for our young players to enjoy what they're doing. If we are having fun, chances are our players will grow and succeed. 

We Are the Champions

Thursday, July 2

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