FundamentalBBall: The Clinic Outline

Thursday, August 12
Workshop Outline

The Fundamental Workshop 

Improvement of Individual

ü Offensive/Defensive Skills

ü Offensive/Defensive skills within a team environment

ü Intensity level

ü Mental and Physical stamina

ü Conceptual toughness

ü Knowledge of individual & team defense/offenses

ü Drills for passing, shooting, dribbling and rebounding

Workshop Goals:

ü  Build confidence in each player as preparations begins for the upcoming basketball season.

ü  Inspire each player to become the best defensive/ offensive player on their respective teams (JHS, HS, and AAU etc.)

ü  Build Confidence in defensive ability to stop any offensive player

ü  Ensure players continue improving during current and off-seasons.

Aspire to:

ü  Consistently build and implement their “Basketball IQ’s”