Ft Wayne Bruins: Welcome

Friday, August 17
Team Information

Bruins Continue to Win 

I would like to say "great job" to all of the players who went to Indy for the MLK Tournament.


The team played great all four games.  I couldn't ask for more from them this weekend.  We had a good weekend for play and a good chance to get together and bond as a team.

This weekend was the best we have ever done in a tournament.  We won three of out four games this weekend.  We even got the chance to run the clock on another team.  (Something we normally have going against us.)  I even had the opportunity to try and get specific players a goal.  I also moved the forwards to defense and the defense to forward.  In our game Sat night against South Stars B we were able to get a shutout.  We even had over 100 shots on net.  An average of 25 per game.  This is also the best that we have ever done this season.

With all of this sucess this weekend I believe we just played our way into the "AA" catagory for the state tournament.  This again will be the best the team has ever done in the past three years.  I believe this is where we should be and that we have a very good chance of winning in that class.

As all of you may know we have added two players to the roster.  Bailey and Reid Weber.  They are sophmores and go to Canterbury High School.  They are bringing a lot of talent and speed to the team.

With the addition of the Weber brothers, and when we get Steve Li and Mitchell Wilkins back, we will have three very strong offensive lines.  This will make it very hard for other teams to compete against us and stop us from winning.  We may even have a good run in the Fort Wayne city tournament.  


Thanks again to all the players who went this last weekend, and to those who where unable to go.  It takes more then just the 17 players who were there this weekend to make a team.  I as a coach, and we as a team, have all grown from this past weekend.  We could not have pulled off these wins without oll of us as a team practicing together each week, and by continuing to practice together for the betterment of the team.


If for any reason you can't make a game or practice, PLAYERS make sure you text or call me and let me know what's going on.  (260-348-6398).  

Coach Reed