Franklin Township Girls Softball: Welcome

Fall Ball Registration will be open June 9-July 26. Cost is $105 for each girl.
Late registration will be open July 27-30. Late registration cost will be $125 for each girl.
Girls will play in the league for their age as of 7/1/2014.

Information Regarding Fall Ball:
* Doubleheader games on the following Saturdays:
September 6, 13, 20, 27, and October 4 (10 games)
*Single-elimination tournament on October 5
*Girls will play in the league according to their age as of July 1, 2014
Questions or need more information?  Please email us at

Fields are OPEN!
As an FYI, we will post to Facebook first
should there ever be any change in game/practice schedules
(The website is not mobile friendly - changes can only be made via computer) 
Please be sure to "like" our Facebook page
to stay informed of any last-minute changes!



Pixies Champs - Stafford

Minors Champs - Raquet

Seniors Champs - Cherry


*Firearms are PROHIBITED, by state law, on school property. The fields we play on for FTGS are on school property. The only exception is law enforcement officers. We have included a link to the law below for your reference. The law will change slightly on July 1st. The change will allow those who have a gun permit to leave a firearm secured, out of sight, in their locked vehicle on school property. They still would not be allowed to carry a firearm on their person or have it out of their vehicle.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a member of the Board. We appreciate your attention to this.
*Additional reminders: 
-no smoking on or near the fields
-no pets allowed
-no foul language 
-please throw your trash in the provided recepticles after games/practices
-always display good sportsmanship!

Show your FTGS pride!

Visit Business Art DeSigns' FTGS page to order decals, signs and more.

FTGS League Mission Statement

Franklin Township Girls’ Softball is organized to provide young ladies a wholesome spring and summer activity to compete in a team sport. The spirit of this league is to have fun, teach the fundamentals of fastpitch softball, learn sportsmanship and fair play, and broaden a child’s circle of friends. Competition is an integral part of this spirit, but 'win at all cost' mentalities are not. We ask players, parents, coaches, and fans to follow this spirit, as we do in our decisions regarding the management of this league.

The Franklin Township Girls' Softball Board of Directors

Please send any questions or comments to:

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