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1 Freshman State Girls Fastpitch
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Get Directions to 1 Freshman StateBLAIR Local Weather
1 Freshman State
Tim O'Dell, Tournament Director
PO BOX 614
BLAIR, Nebraska

This is a Nebraska school girls tournament. No out of state students
are eligible.

STARTING 2004: Class B will no longer be able to pick up players from
other schools. All players must be registered at the school they play
for on the date of the tournament. Eight graders and below are
eligible to play with ANY class, A,B, or C. No player whose school is playing in the tournament can play
another school. The tournament director is final authority on
eligibility for this tournament. Protest of eligibility are accepted
by the tournament director,in writing, only from an opposing head
coach. Teams made up almost entirely of 8th graders, purporting to
represent a certain school, may need to meet additional requirements,
to meet the spirit of the rules.

*Starting in 2013 teams will have 6 rostered entering FRESHMAN or last year FRESHMAN present in the dugout for each game from the high school they represent. This tournament is NOT for summer teams of young players. Teams not meeting this new requirement are NOT ELIGIBLE.

Penalties are: 1. Your whole team is out of the
tournament immediately upon discovery of
using an ineligible player 2. Any All-State
selections are cancelled for all players on
the offending team.

The Tournament Director will determine eligibilty.
This is not a NSAA tournament.

A player MUST be registered in a Nebraska
school by the first day of the tournament.
Intending to register does not meet the
eligibility requirement.

Bring your roster with you to the Tournament Director
dat least 1 hour before game. The coach of each team will be
required to sign a verification of eligibility form
prior to the first game.

Ron Osborn updated 1/30/2015 if you have eligibility questions.

Amy Baker
Saturday, August 9
Amy Baker, Creighton grad, throws out the first pitch for 2014 Freshman State.

Click on header to go to the 2014 FRESHMAN STATE ALBUM.

2015 Pitcher of the First Pitch is #42. 

Sunday, August 10
Scores 2014 Freshman State

August 10, 2014 CHAMPIONSHIP SUNDAY at Girls Freshman State Softball Tournament

Class A

Papillion LaVista Maroon 13  Omaha Marian 6 

Lincoln SW Silver 18 Millard North Black 2

Millard West Black 5 Lincoln East Blue 3

Papillion LaVista Gold 3Lincoln SW Green  2

Omaha Marian 8 Papillion La Vista Gold 3

Omaha Marian  6 Millard North Black 5 (4th)

Lincoln SW Silver 9 Omaha Marian 7 (3rd)

Papillion LaVista Maroon 8 (Champion) Lincoln SW Silver 2 (2nd)


Class B

Gretna 6 Bennington 4

Hastings 7 Gretna Green 4

GINW 8 Elkhorn 7

Elkhorn South 3 GICC 2

GINW 7 Gretna Green 5

Elkhorn South 6 Bennington 0

Elkhorn South 13 GINW 2 (4th)

Elkhorn South 11 Gretna 1 (3rd)

Hastings 3 (Champion) Elkhorn South 0 (2nd)

Hastings is Class B Champion. First time Hastings entered tournament.




Class A

Millard North White 18 Lincoln East White 1

Grand Island Gold 5  Papillion LaVista Black 3

GI Purple 2 Bellevue West 0

Millard North White 10 Lincoln Northeast 0

 GI Purple 9 GI Gold 5

Millard North White 8 GI Purple 4

Millard North White is Consolation bracket champion


Class B Consolation Bracket

DC West 4 Blair Purple 3

Blair White 7  Holdrege 1

Malcolm 7 Gretna White 5

Lincoln Pius X 6 Omaha Gross 0

Lincoln Pius X 10 Blair White 9

Lincoln Pius X is Class B Consolation Champion

This was Malcomb's first win as a softball team 





Class A Champion Omaha Marian
Monday, August 5
2013 Freshman State Champions

Class B Champion Elkhorn South

Omaha Marian won Freshman State Class A over Runner Up Millard South.

Elkhorn South won Freshman State Class B over Runner Up Omaha Skutt Catholic White.


It was a wonderful time. We join Blair NE, the BYSA, Blair Baseball and those donors that gave so much to make it a premier place to play. Thank you Blair. 

All-State is posted. Click on the All State in the menu on the left. If your name is not spelled correctly, please email Ron Osborn at Certificates will be printed in two weeks to allow time to make corrections. Certificates are mailed to your Freshman State coaches, not your high school.

Tuesday, April 1
2014 Freshman State Info on this header to get a printable info sheet

Tuesday, April 1
2014 Freshman State on this header to print Freshman State rules

Tuesday, April 1
2014 Freshman State Entry on this header to get a printable ENTRY FORM


Championship Sunday 8/4 Freshman State Girls Softball @Blair NE

Class B 
Skutt White 6 Elkhorn 0
Bennington 10 Gretna Gold 3 
Blair Purple 4 Gretna Green 2
Elkhorn 5 Blair White 1
Skutt White 15 Bennington 2
Elkhorn 13 Blair Purple 8
Elkhorn South 12 Gretna Gold 0
Elkhorn South 13 Elkhorn 8 (4th)
Elkhorn South 5 Bennington 4(3rd)
1st championship game Elkhorn South 3 Skutt White 2
Final:   Elkhorn South 10 (Champions)Skutt White 9 (Runner Up)

Class A
Papio LV Maroon 10 Grand Island Purple 3
Millard South 16 Papio LV South Black 2
Omaha Burke 5 Millard North Green 4
Omaha Marian 7 Papio LV South Blue 1
Papio LV Gold 5 Lincoln Southwest 3
Lincoln North Star 3 Papio LV Maroon 2
Millard South 9 Omaha Burke 0
Lincoln North Star 6 Lincoln Southwest 4
Millard South 9 Papio LV South Blue 0
Millard South 9 Lincoln North Star 2 (4th)
Millard South 8 Papio LV Gold 7 (3rd)
Omaha Marian 7 (Champion) Millard South 3 (Runner up)
Champion is Omaha Marian. Back to back champions.

Consolation Bracket Class A
Omaha Westside 4 Millard West Black 3
Bellevue West 12 Millard West Black 1
Bellevue West 5 Omaha Westside 1
Millard North Blue 4 (Consolation Champion)Bellevue West 2

Consolation Bracket Class B
Valley Waterloo 3 Plattsmouth 1
Holdrege 13 Blair Black 5
Skutt Black 6 (Consolation Champion)Valley Waterloo 5
Saturday scores at Blair NE 8/3/13

Class A

Omaha Central 6 Bellevue East 4 
Omaha Marian 2 Papio L/V Maroon 0
Grand Island Purple 9 Lincoln East 3
Papio L/V South Blue 7 Omaha Westside 1
Omaha Burke 6 Lincoln Northeast 5
Lincoln Southwest 4 Millard South 1
Papio L/V Gold 8 Lincoln Northstar 1
Grand Island Gold 14 Bellevue East 2
Papio L/V Maroon 9 Millard North Blue 0
Lincoln Northeast 8 Omaha Westside 4
Millard South 11 Millard West Black 0
Millard North Green 6 Bellevue West 5
Lincoln East 2 Millard West Black 1
Papio L/V Maroon 12 Grand Island Gold 2
Lincoln Northstar 6 Omaha Central 0
Omaha Marian 6 Omaha Central 5
Papio L/V South 6 Grand Island Purple 5
Lincoln Southwest 7 Omaha Burke 1
Papio L/V Gold 8 Papio L/V South 0
Millard South 14 Lincoln Northeast 0
Millard North Green 12 Lincoln East 5

Class B Saturday 8/3/13

Omaha Skutt White 12 Valley Waterloo 0
Waverly 6 Duchesne 3
Blair White 11 Plattsmouth 2
Elkhorn 8 Gretna Green 4
Blair Purple 9 Holdrege 0
Gretna Gold 14 Blair Black 0
Omaha Gross 11 Valley Waterloo 4
Gretna Green 8 Plattsmouth 0
Elkhorn South 8 Holdrege 0
Duchesne 11 Blair Black 5
Tekamah 7 Omaha Skutt Black 2
Blair White 5 Tekamah 1
Omaha Skutt White 11 Waverly 0
Elkhorn 4 Blair White 2
Bennington 10 Blair Purple 0
Gretna Gold 8 Ashland 4
Blair Purple 6 Omaha Gross 5
Gretna Green 14 Ashland 6
Blair White 12 Duchesne 0 
Elkhorn South 14 Waverly 1

On Aug 2, 2013, at 10:16 PM, Ron Osborn <> wrote: Friday 

Last 4 scores all Class A

Omaha Central 6 Bellevue East 4 
Papio/LV Maroon 12 Millard West Black 7 
Papio/LV South Blue 7 Omaha Westside 1
Papio/LV South Black 3 Millard West Green 2

Sent from my iPad

On Aug 2, 2013, at 8:57 PM, Ron Osborn <> wrote:

Class A

Grand Island Purple 10 Millard North Green 3
Omaha Burke 5 Grand Island Gold 2
Millard South 8 Millard North Blue 5
Papio/LV Gold 8 Bellevue West 1

Class B

Blair White 14 Omaha Gross 0
Blair Purple 11 Tekamah 7
Bennington 8 Elkhorn South 4
Ashland 10 Omaha Skutt Black 6

2013 Class B Bracket
Sunday, July 28
2013 Class B Bracket

2013 Freshman State Ts &  Blanket
Sunday, July 28
2013 Freshman State Ts and blanket. Email for orders

Email: for Ts and Blanket orders.

Wednesday, March 20
2013 Freshman State Entry Form -click on this header

Omaha Marian Class A Champion 2012
Monday, August 6
2012 Nebraska Girls Freshman State Champions
Elkhorn Class B Champion 2012

Sunday, August 5
Scores 2012. Class A Champion is Omaha Marian. Class B Champion is Elkhorn.

 Ron Osborn

Sunday August 5, 2012 Freshman State Tournament

Class B

Norris 9 Elkhorn South 1
Beatrice 3 Wahoo Neumann 2
Ralston 7 Elkhorn South 4
Elkhorn 12 Wahoo Neumann 0
Beatrice 12 Norris 0
Elkhorn 4 Ralston 2 (4th)
Elkhorn 12 Norris 0 (3rd)
Elkhorn 7 Beatrice 5
Elkhorn (Champion) 10 Beatrice (2nd) 2

Class A

Papillion/LaVista Maroon 3 Millard South 2
Lincoln Northstar 11 Papillion/LaVista Gold 1
Omaha Marian 6 Lincoln Southwest 5
Millard North Blue 4 Lincoln Northeast 3
Omaha Marian 4 Papillion/LaVista Gold 2
Millard North Blue 8 Millard South 4
Papillion/LaVista Maroon 5 Lincoln Northstar 4
Omaha Marian 9 Millard North Blue (4th) 1
Omaha Marian 5 Lincoln Northstar (3rd) 2
Omaha Marian 9 Papillion/LaVista Maroon 5
Omaha Marian (Champion) 10 Papillion/LaVista Maroon (2nd) 2


Class B

DC West/Concordia 12 Bennington 9
Gretna 4 Duchesne/Roncalli 3
Gretna (1st) 11 DC West/Concordia (2nd) 1

Class A

Bellevue West 10 Bellevue East 6 
Burke Gold won over Bellevue West (score tba)
Burke Black (1st) won over Burke Gold (2nd) (score tba)


‎2012 Saturday Scores
Lincoln Southwest 10 Grand Island Purple 0
Papio Maroon 12 Lincoln NE 5
Millard South 5 Burke Black 4
Columbus 10 Millard North Blue 9
Papio Gold 12 Burke Gold 3
Millard West 4 Lincoln East 0
Papio South 5 Marian 0
Lincoln North Star 12 Bellevue West 1
Papio Maroon 9 Lincoln SW 1
Millard South 5 Columbus 2
Papio Gold 10 Millard West 2
Lincoln North Star 7 Papio South 0
Westside 18 Burke Gold 1
Marian defeated Bellevue East
Grand Island Gold 7 Grand Island Purple 2
Millard North White 6 Burke Black 1
Lincoln East 3 Westside 2
Marian 12 Bellevue West 0
Lincoln NE 5 GI Gold 3
Millard North Blue 3 Millard North White 2
Lincoln SW 8 Lincoln East 4
Marian 10 Columbus 2
Lincoln NE 9 Millard West 2
Millard North Blue 2 Papio South 1

Beatrice 6 Elkhorn 5
Skutt Green 7 Duchesne/Roncalli 0
Wahoo Bishop Neumann 3 Gretna 2
Blair White 3 Ft Calhoun 1
Elkhorn South 8 Blair Purple 1
Norris 15 Plattsmouth 0
Beatrice 12 Skutt Green 0
Wahoo Bishop Neumann 5 Blair White 1
Skutt White 17 Bennington 0
Ralston 17 DC West/Concordia 0
Elkhorn 11 Duchesne/Roncalli 0
Ft Calhoun 2 Gretna 1
Skutt White 4 Blair White 1
Ralston 4 Skutt Green 2
Elkhorn 5 Plattsmouth 1
Ft Calhoun 3 Blair Purple 2
Ralston 6 Skutt White 2

2012 Friday Night Scores Nebraska Girls Freshman State Tournament

Class A
Grand Island Purple 9 Westside 0
Millard South 8 Bellevue East 0
Papillion/LaVista Gold 8 Grand Island White 6 

Class B
Elkhorn South 3 Skutt White 2
Blair Purple 11 Bennington 1

Norris 4 Ralston 3

Plattsmouth 11 DC West/Concordia 1




2011 Class B Freshman State Champion Elkhorn South
Friday, August 5
2011 Champions
Class A Freshman State Champion 2011 Grand Island Purple

Sunday, August 12
2013 Pictures alternate site on Picasa. Click on this header.

Saturday, August 4
Pictures of 2012 Freshman State on Facebook

Friday, July 27
2012 Freshman State Brackets - Go to HANDOUTS to print


Monday, February 13
Click on this header to go to: BYSA on Eteamz

Blair ENTERPRISE newspaper coverage of The Freshman by Scott on this header

Monday, August 8
Alternate website to see ALL the pics from 2011 Freshman State. Click on this header.

Saturday, July 23
Click on this header to go to FACEBOOK ALBUM of FRESHMAN STATE ,"view photos" for additional albums

Tuesday, August 10
2010 Freshman State photos also on for those that are not allowed on Facebook by their on this header.

Chili Dawgs
Chili Dawgs
Saturday, July 23
Chili Dawgs our incredible new hospitality sponsor. Click on their site here:

Tim O'Dell, our tournament director, is the owner of Chili Dawgs. Ask him about all the wonderful hot stuff they make.

Rosters and Eligibility

Bring your roster to the Tournament Directors camper at BYSA 1 hour prior to your first game. A player may be named on only one roster for the entire tournament if the school has two teams. Entire roster must be Nebraska girls registered in a Nebraska school as an incoming (2009) freshman or a freshman from 2008. Nebraska 8th graders and younger may play for any team. If you are a freshman (08-09) or (09-10) and your school is NOT playing, you may NOT play for another school. This would make a team ineligible. Please read the entire rules in the NEWS.

Bring your roster, with the names spelled the way you would want them on the
All-State certificates.

Please fill out the ENTRY FORM and mail to the BYSA with your CHECK as soon as possible. 

2014 NSAA HS here
The home page of Nebraska High School Fastpitch.
It will have classification numbers, district assignments,
and each school's schedule for 2012

Click on LINKS or this header to go to our sponsors, caterers, and other softball links.

 Chili Dawgs: 2012 Sponsor of the hospitality for coaches, volunteers, and umpires for The Freshman. Incredible hot sauces, jellies, and spices provided by the owner and our Tournament Director, Tim O'Dell

No Frills Supermarket, 12th and Hwy 30 in Blair
Thank you NO FRILLS for your continued support of The Freshman

Lo Sole Mio Ristorante, 3001 South 32nd Avenue, Omaha 402-345-5656
Pasta La LoSole and the Lasagna. Served at the buffet in Heaven.

Jim's Rib Haven,   3801 Ames, Omaha  402-451-8061
Da Ribs! Pork, chicken, beans and potato salad. Yum!
Nettie's, South Railroad Ave, in Bellevue, NE. Enchiladas!
Joe Tess Fish, South 24th, South Omaha, NE. Carp!

Lola M. Kelley
Omaha's queen of softball has passed away. No woman stood
taller in the work it took to bring high school softball
to its' hallowed position. Lola threw out the first pitch
at every NSAA High School State Tournament and all but last
year's Freshman State. We will miss this grand lady.
Funeral was at Calvary Baptist Church, Omaha, on Saturday
August 9th,2003.

1 Freshman State Girls Fastpitch
1 Freshman State Girls Fastpitch

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