Fremont Youth Hockey: Ice Wolves News: FYHBA Playing Time Philosophy/Guidelines

FYHBA Playing Time Philosophy/Guidelines

The Fremont Youth Hockey Boosters have approved a "Playing Time Philosophy/Guidelines" policy that has been under consideration for some time.  

We are not a "win at all costs" association. However, more of a premium is put on winning regular season league games and tournament championships.  There are reasons why players may not be given equal playing time and this Board feels that it is important that everyone involved understand these guidelines before problems develop.  Some reasons include, but are not limited to, the following:
Player controlled reasons:
   A.)  Unexcused absence/tardiness from practice/games
   B.)  Failing to respond to coaching directives
   C.)  Poor sportsmanship/Bad attitude
   D.)  Excessive penalties
   E.)  Any violation of the Player Code of Conduct
   F.)  Any violation of the USA Hockey Zero Tolerance policy
Coaching/Game Management Reasons
   A.)  Stronger players may be given less time when games are "out of reach", either by being ahead or behind by a large margin, or in non-league scrimmages.
   B.)  Developing players may be given less time in very close games of importance like league games or tournament championship games.
The above will be at the discretion of the coaching staff.
In short, FYHBA and it's coaching staff will endeavor to have relatively equal playing time for all players over the course of the year, but not over the course of any one game or series of games.  Also, each team will have equitable practices and home games allocated based on the original registration fees charged.