Fremont Youth Hockey: Booster Club (FYHBA)

Saturday, March 9
FYHBA Meeting Minutes February 12, 2013

Below are the meeting minutes from February 12, 2013.  Please contact the Secretary at or at if you have any questions/concerns or request a copy be emailed.

REMINDER:  The next FYHBA Meeting will be held at the Fremont Recreation Center on Tuesday March 12, 2013 at 6:00pm

FYHBA Meeting Minutes  Feb 12, 2013

Called to Order:  Meeting called to order by Board President Dave Pulaski

Attendance:   Dave Pulaski, Brad Culbert, Melissa Herrig, Stacy Dickman, Jim Baumgartner, Elaine and Jim Collum, Doug Ohms, Lynette Kirsch, and Traven Rapp

Approval of Minutes:   Minutes from Jan 10, 2013 were approved via email.  Minutes were posted on the website, emailed to all members of the organization and a hard copy was provided to all board members for review at the meeting. 

Team Reports:

PeeWee:  Board updated by Manager Doug Ohms.  PeeWee team is done with league schedule.  Recently returned from a tournament where the team went 3-0 but did not make finals due to points differential.  PeeWee team will not be doing a March tournament.  They are considering a Spring League at Strongsville.  Team does have upcoming games against Sylvania before completing their season.

Squirts:  Board updated by Manager Melissa Herrig.  Squirts are League champions and will have Playoff games.  Upcoming tournament March 15-17 in Pittsburgh.  Parent concerns addressed by team Parent Traven Rapp.  Traven stated concerns about equal play time, coaches not leading by example, distractions from coaches shooting pucks during drill explanations, need to work more on skating skills, coaches need to focus on all kids during practices instead of a select few (certain players are dedicated additional time to perfect drill while others are rushed through and done whether they did the drill correctly or not), and using scrimmages to provide additional ice time for players not getting equal time during league games.

Mites:  Board updated by Manager Saundra McGlothen.  Mites completed league play at White middle.  Children did an amazing job in all games.  Scrimmages scheduled at Bowling Green as well as the team will be hosting 2 full ice scrimmages against Findlay and a Mites Jamboree in March.  Upcoming tournament in Pittsburgh March 15-17.

16/U:  Board updated by Manager Brad Culbert.  Team is not assigned to the CSHL.  They played Sylvania many times.  Waited for tournaments.  South Bend no contact tournament scheduled for February and looking into a tournament in Pittsburgh for March.  CSHL will have a listing of non-playoff eligible teams that they will explore for additional games.

Club:  Board updated by Manager Dave Pulaski.  Team is doing well.  The club team is experiencing League issues and are exploring options to join the CSHL High School League next season.

League Updates:  NCHSL (current league of Club team) is looking to roll into the CSHL High School League.  CSHL just held meeting and looks good for the transition.  Fremont Ross Hockey is still having issues getting numbers to play.  They are still looking for any ideas to get more involvement.

Committee Reports:

Sponsorship-  Represented by Brad Culbert:  The committee will look into the Pure Hockey Sponsorship.

Equipment/Facility- Represented by Dave Pulaski: No updates at this time.

Other committees:  Board requests that a current listing of committees and it’s member be posted on the website.  Recommendation made to have Membership/Marketing/Media committee work on fliers for front of the rink and distribution in the local community.  No other updates at this time.

Board Vacancy:  Currently there is one open board member positions.  Position was listed and two nominations were made.  Motion 2013-2-12-1 (Herrig/Pulaski) nominates Traven Rapp for position of board member.  Motion 2013-2-12-2  (Culbert/Pulaski) nominates Elaine Collum for position of board member.  Motion 2013-2-12-3 (Pulaski/Herrig) Motioned to vote on nominees with board voting Elaine Collum for board member position.

Treasurers Report:  Treasurer’s Report was provided by Treasurer.  Motion 2013-2-12-4 (Pulaski/McGlothen) Treasurers Report approved.  Reports provided are attached to official meeting minutes.

Old Business: 

Coaches Evaluation forms:  Requested that Secretary email coach evaluation forms to Board Members for approval so that forms can be completed by all members interested in providing input. Recommendation to provide a drop box for all forms so that it can be kept anonymous if requested.

New Business:  Recommendation made to work on a mission statement for the FYHBA. 

Adjournment:  Motion 2013-2-12-5 (Pulaski/McGlothen) Meeting was approved to adjourn.  Next meeting will be held on March 12, 2013 at the Fremont Recreation Center.


Monday, February 11
FYHBA Special Meeting Jan 15, 2013

FYHBA Special Meeting  Jan 15, 2013

Meeting held to address a concern with violations of an agreement between the FYHBA and the PeeWee Team with regards to the use of Third Jerseys.

Dave Pulaski, Doug Ohms, Sean Moir, Stacy Dickman, Melissa Herrig, Jim Baumgardner, Saundra McGlothen, Brad Culbert, Paul Kohler, Elaine/Jim Collum, Zack Zender

Meeting was called to Order by President Dave Pulaski at 6:52pm

Old Business:  The Third Jerseys were purchased without consent of the FYHBA.  As a result, the FYHBA asked for a meeting of the Equipment Committee in order to present a recommendation to the FYHBA on use of the Third Jerseys.  The Equipment Committee presented a motion to the board and was approved as follows:

1.  Jerseys are to be used by the team ONLY for away games and ONLY for this season.

2.  Jerseys are not to be used, displayed, marketed or worn around our home rink at all for this season.

3.  The jerseys will be officially retired upon conclusion of this season and nobody is to approach the board about grandfathering these jerseys into use in any official capacity for next season. It would be a ONE and DONE!

Concerns/Issues Presented by the Board:

1. Jerseys were brought to Fremont facility for picture day.

2.  Board Members have been disrespected on the issue of the 3rd Jerseys.

Information Provided by PeeWee Leadership:

1. There was a miscommunication with parents on the use of the jerseys. Parents are now all informed of the rules of the 3rd jersey shown above and approved by the FYHBA.

2.  The disrespect for the board members will be addressed with all parents by the Team Manager.

Conclusion:  Motion 2013-1-15-1 (Pulaski/Culbert) Board Approved 4-2, to reinstate the use of the 3rd Jersey under the original stipulations as presented by the Equipment Committee and approved by the FYHBA.  A reminder email will be provided to all parents by the PeeWee Manager.

Parents, managers, coach released from meeting at 7:17pm.

New Business:  Board Member Tony Franks requested resignation from the FYHBA. Motion  2013-1-15-2 (Culbert/Pulaski) Requested that resignation request not be approved and moved for Tony Franks to be removed from the Board effective immediately.  Board approved.

Adjournment:  Motion 2013-1-15-3 (Pulaski/Dickman) Meeting adjourned at 7:32pm.

Monday, February 11
FYHBA Meeting Minutes Jan 10, 2013

FYHBA Meeting Minutes  Jan 10, 2013

Meeting called to order by President Dave Pulaski at 6:30pm.

Attendance:  Dave Pulaski, Melissa Herrig, Brad Culbert, Saundra McGlothen,, Jim Baumgartner, Devin Pollick (Fremont Rec Center), and Elaine Collum.

Minutes from Dec 4, 2012 meeting were approved via email by all board members and minutes were posted on the Fremont Hockey website.  Board requested Secretary still provide printed copy during board meetings to review.

1.        Fremont Ross Hockey:  Coach Schumacher (unable to be in attendance) asked the Board President, Dave Pulaski, to request ideas to get more involvement in the Fremont Area in order to boost number of children for both programs.

2.       Tournament Fees:  Credits will not be given for individuals unable to attend tournaments.  If a TEAM is unable to fufill the number of tournaments allocated in fees, then a team credit will be look at by the board.  Question raised about number of tournaments for the 16U team.  This item is tabled for February Meeting.  Motion 2013-1-10-1 (Culbert/Pulaski) Board Approved for hotel fees for Coach Greenhill to be paid at the Boards expenses for tournaments.

3.       Recreation Center:  Devin Pollick addressed the Board.  Devin inquired about December Invoice.  Treasurer stated the invoice for December had not yet been received.  He stated that the door handle to locker room 4 had been fixed and believes that the damage was normal wear and tear.  Extra ice time will be available for MLK Day.  Squirts will be filling a slot and other teams will be asked if they are interested as well.  Practice on Feb 14, will have to be cancelled due to a Rec Center Valentines Day event.  The Walleye Free Clinic is set for Feb 4, 2013 from 6:30-8:00. The Rec Center is requesting ideas to keep the hockey families involved during the off season.  They are looking for suggestions.  The Board personally thanked the Rec Center for the window tint on the rink.

4.       Remaining Home Ice Schedule:  There are changes to the upcoming ice schedule.  MLK will have extra time available.  Valentines Day events will cancel PeeWee and Squirt Practices.  Looking at adding ADM Clinic on Monday or Thursday.  Issue tabled until February Meeting.

5.       Sponsorship Committee Update:  Committee represented by Brad Culbert and Elaine Collum. Letters are prepared to send out then fees will be collected.

6.        Equipment Committee:  Committee represented by Dave Pulaski.  Motion 2013-1-10-2 (Culbert/Herrig) Board approved to temporarily suspend the use of the PeeWee Third Jersey until a meeting with PeeWee Leadership can be held to address issues.  Tenative meeting date set for January 15, 2013 at 6:30 pm pending approval of PeeWee Leadership.

7.       Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer’s Report was provided by Treasurer, who was unable to be in attendance.  Motion 2013-1-10-3 (Pulaski/Robinson) Treasurers Report approved.  Reports are attached to official minutes.

8.       Adjournment:  Motion 2013-1-10-4 (Pulaski/Baumgardner) Approved to adjourn meeting at 7:22pm.

Friday, August 10
August FYHBA Meeting
The August FYHBA Meeting will be held on August 16, 2012 at 6:30 pm at the Fremont Recreation Center.  If you have any questions, concerns, or items to add to the agenda, please contact the FYHBA Directors via email at

Tuesday, June 5
FYHBA June Meeting
The June FYHBA Meeting was held on June 5, 2012 at 6:30pm at the Fremont Recreation Center.  If you request a copy of the meeting minutes, please contact Secretary, Sandy McGlothen, via email at

Tuesday, December 18
FYHBA Meeting Minutes from Dec 4, 2012

FYHBA Board Meeting Minutes   December 4, 2012  (Minutes Approved December 13, 2012)


1. Treasurers report

Attachments attached to official minutes-approved

The Board approved for Culbert Law to send out letter for overdue fees from 2010/2011.


2. Pictures- FYHBA will be using Mind of Eye Photography as they were less. Club is looking at first week of Jan on a Tuesday as all teams are here.  FYHBA will only sign a 1 year contract. 20% of all sales back to club.


3. Codes of Conduct: Attachments attached to official minutes.   A reminder needs to be provided to all parents. Motion approved for manager/coach/board/parent codes of conducts to be signed.  Managers will be in charge of this task.


4. Mites Team Project: The project was approved by board. The Mites request was for 17 warm up sets at $100 each for a total project cost of $1700+15% fee for total of $1955.


5. 3rd Jerseys/FYHBA Gear- The Board requested that the Equipment Committee take charge and submit a formal proposal to the board about the 3rd Jerseys.


6. Group Email Policy: No group emails should be sent for items other than FYHBA issues. Use “Bcc” instead of “To” when sending messages in order to protect parents privacy.


7. Locker Room/Facilities:  Door closers were donated to the Rec Center and will be installed by the Rec.   No other locker room issues have occurred since we have been doing inspections with the Rec employees.


8. Sponsorship Update: The committee delayed sending letters to potential sponsors due to updating the letter and seeking approval of the sponsorship packets. Committee will be preparing and sending letters/packets and will update the board at the next meeting with any new sponsors that have come in. Pure Hockey second email will be sent. The Committee is working on ordering the Pure Hockey sign for the sponsorship board in the rink.


9. Completed Rosters: Mites Roster needs to be sent immediately.


Next Meeting: Pending Rec Center Approval, Tuesday January 8, 2013 from 6-7pm at the Fremont Rec Center.