Fremont Girls Softball Association: Welcome


Scores - 12U, 14U, and 18U Managers from both teams should report their game scores to their division directors and to


  • Practice Schedule ended on May 4th -there are no reserved fields for practice (they are on a "first come" basis now)
  • The permits at Nothgate have ended so you can no longer kick off baseball teams and cricket
  • If you use AHS2 you must drag the field after practice
  • Respect the HS teams and their coaches, if they ask you to wait, please be considerate 
  • If waiting for a HS field, you may need to start warm-ups and throwing on a grassy area near the fields as you wait (including AHS3)



If you are interested in joining the FGSA Board of Directors we are looking for new members.  We still have many open positions.  Please email Tammie Kim for more info:


If you are interested in pitching lessons with Brittany Keesis you can contact her at 510-677-1865 or


For more information on the Fremont Flyers (FGSA's Tournament Team Program) visit their webpage (link on the left) and/or the Informational Flyer and FAQ's found in the Handouts/Forms section on this website


Feedback Appreciated

In the Handouts/Forms section of the website you will find a suggestion form. We appreciate your feedback and hope to hear from you.


Need to contact a Director or have questions about the League - please send an e-mail to