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Historic Documents - STARZ 2012
Starz named U13 Division 6 Champions

and remain undefeated ending their season 8 - 0 - 0 with their final win 5 - 1 against KVSA Force Revolution. Playing up an age group the U12 Starz only allowed 5 goals against this season for a 0.625% goal scored against per game average and registered 4 shutouts while out scoring their opponents 27 – 5. Congratulations ladies, once again you rose to the challenge and did not back down or let mistakes define you. Your ability to feed on adversity and create a positive outcome is the quality found in champions – congrats on a great year we are so proud of all of you.

div 6 champs.jpg
Fall 2012 D6 Standings.jpg

Starz Ready for Challenger Invitational

The weekend of 29-30 Sept the Freedom FC Starz will be competing in the Challenger Sports Invitational Tournament at the Overland Park, KS soccer complex. The Starz will be going up against teams from top clubs in St. Louis and O’Fallen, MO as well as Oklahoma City, OK.

The Starz are currently sitting on top of their league division with a 5 – 0 – 0 record with three of those win by shutout. In their last tournament, The Heartland Midwest Classic, the Starz placed second after tying in the championship game and loosing on penalty kicks. All in all the Starz posted a 2 – 0 – 2 record for that tournament tying the championship team twice in as many days. The Starz are looking to improve on that second place finish in the Invitational but they will have their work cut out for them.

Freedom FC Starz Continue U13 Division Domination – Play for First Time with Complete Roster

Currently sitting on top of their division the U12 Freedom FC Starz faced off against the KC Milan Stride for their fifth game in their 2012 U13 Fall League. Saturday September 22 was a beautiful day for soccer and as division leaders the Starz knew they had to bring their “A” game. For the first time this season the Starz were able to welcome Amanda to the field. Amanda has been unable to play since she pulled tendons and chipped a bone in her foot two days before the Starz 11 August season opener. The inclusion of Amanda in the line-up was the first time this season that the Starz had all thirteen players healthy and able to play. Game Time – Check In.jpg
Freedom FC Starz get checked in to take on the KC Milan Stride on 22 Sept 2012

From the start of the game the Starz displayed the reason they sit on top of their division and have a mere 0.50% goals scored against per game average as their defensive line of Haley “6”, Alex, Bergan, Zoie and Makayla refused to allow the Stride to advance into the Starz defensive area. Not allowing the superior defensive work to go unrewarded the Starz forward and midfield players continually pressed the Stride’s defense picking apart their lines with laser-like passing. Keeping the Stride in the game, the KC Milan goal keeper had an impressive first half holding the Starz strikers Laurana and Makenzie to one goal apiece.

Going into the half with a 2 –nil lead the Starz discussed the adjustments needed by both offense and defense to put more balls in the net. Fully rested and rehydrated the Starz took the field for the second half. Changes made to the Starz attack proved successful as Laynie scored the Starz third goal of the game off of a pass from McKenna. Although the Stride was becoming slightly more successful in penetrating the Starz defense they were continually deny access to the front of the Starz goal. Final perseverance paid off for the Stride when a rare Starz defensive error allowed the Stride to go face-to-face with the Starz keeper and their only goal of the game. The goal scored by the Stride was only the third goal to be scored against the Starz this season. Quickly regrouping the Starz once again turned up the offensive pressure. At the final whistle with an additional goal by Brooke who put in a ball originally rejected by the Stride’s keeper and Hailey “55” off of a lovely assist from Sydney the Starz won 5 – 1.

The Saturday afternoon game ended a long day for the Starz who earlier that same morning participated in the Raymore Fall Parade handing out candy and stuffed animals to Raymore residents who turned out to watch. For more information about the Freedom FC Starz please visit them on Facebook at Freedom FC Starz.


On Saturday, 22 Sept the Freedom FC Starz joined other local Raymore entities and hopeful politicians by participating in the Raymore Fall Parade. The Freedom FC Starz is a repeated-champion girls soccer team playing in the under 12 years old (U12) Division. The Starz play in the Heartland League Girls U13 Division in Overland Park, Kansas. It is one of two top-level, high-powered girls teams associated with the Freedom Futbol Club, a not for profit youth soccer organization based in Raymore.

The Starz, decked out in custom designed Breast Cancer Awarness uniforms made by UndoSkin, took to the streets passing out candy and stuffed animals to local Raymore residents as part of the team’s community involvement and awareness program. The Starz are currently planning their community service efforts for the up coming Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons and are no stranger to putting out efforts for a cause other than soccer. So far this year, the Starz have been involved in helping to raise money for the Kansas City local chapter of the Ronald McDonald house as well as raising awarness and money for breast cancer research. The Starz, representing the Freedom Futbol Club and the city of Raymore, have participated in such area events as The Color Run and the Susan G. Koman Race for a Cure 5k runs, some players finishing first in their age group with times of less than 22 minutes.

Starz on Parade.jpg

The thirteen players that make up the Freedom FC Starz prove that their determination and dedication is not just a soccer thing as many have earned membership to their school’s honor roll and continue to put personal time aside for a good cause. As the Starz continue to grow so will their community service efforts, something that both Raymore and these fine young ladies will benefit from for life.

For more information about the Freedom FC Starz please visit them on Facebook at Freedom FC Starz.

Freedom FC Starz Shutout KC United Attack

Playing late at night under the lights at the Overland Park Soccer Complex the Freedom Fc Starz faced off against the KC United Attack in their fourth league game of the season. From the start of the game the two teams battled for field dominance with neither team possessing an advantage until, working the ball down the left side of the field the Starz were able to get inside the Attack’s goal box but were only able to threaten the Attack not score against them. As the first half played on it seemed like it would only be a matter of time before the Starz would be able to crack the face of the goal in get one past the Attack’s keeper but the Attack defense was able to turn back each of the Starz attacks. With about fifteen minutes remaining in the half Starz right side striker played a great through ball to Starz center striker Laynie. Laynie took the ball deep into the right side of the Attack’s penalty box drawing the defense to her then crossed the ball across the face of the goal finding Laurana completely unmarked for the first of two first half goals. Shortly after the Starz broke the goal drought the Attack’s striker found her way through the Starz back four and was on her way to even up the game when Starz goalie Hailey “55” left her line and counter attacked the KC United striker. Arms stretched out as far as they could reach, making her body as big as possible “55” through herself into the path of the Attack’s striker and deflected the ball out of bounds keeping the Starz sixth shutout in eight games and third shutout in a row streak alive. Freedom FC Starz’s second goal was scored when Starz midfielder Sydney played a beautiful ball wide and forward for Starz striker Makie who using her speed and agility beat two of the Attack’s defenders and placed the ball neatly outside the reach of the keeper into the back of the net allowing the Starz to enjoy a comfortable 2 – 0 halftime lead.

Starz game 4.jpg
Starz defender Zoie throws the ball in as Makayla and Laurana prepare to attack.

From the start of the second half the Starz continued to dominate the game and pressure their opponent not allowing the KC United Attack to organize any kind of offense. With about twenty minutes remaining in the game Starz striker Laynie score for the Starz third goal when Starz left midfielder Brooke played a fantastic through-ball to Starz striker “55” who unselfishly played the ball across the face of the goal for Laynie to drive home. With the score 3 – 0 and the Starz firing on all cylinders it became apparent that the KC United Attack would not be able to threaten the Starz and their superior fitness level. Keeping the shutout alive for the Starz in the second half were Laurana and Makayla both stepping up when on the rare occasions when the Attack were able to cross the midfield line. Although under constant pressure from the Starz, the KC United Attack’s defenders were able to limit the Starz to only one second half goal but as the final whistle blew the Starz maintained their field dominance with more than 350 minutes of soccer without giving up a goal in league and tournament play.

The Freedom FC Starz is a high powered U12 girls’ team from Raymore, Missouri playing in the Heartland Soccer Association’s U13 girls’ league in Overland Park, Kansas. Follow the Starz on Facebook at Freedom FC Starz.

Starz Finalist for Heartland Midwest Classic

After sixty minutes of soccer the score of the final game for the U13 Silver Division of the Heartland Midwest Classic remained tied 0 - 0. Going into the penalty kick tie breaker also kow as PKs the Starz were posied for their first win of the 2012-13 season however lady luck would be on the side of their opponents and the Starz finished second in the Silver division on a score of 3 - 4 in the PK shoot out that spanned more than the usual five kickers. AWESOME job today Starz. Absolutely fantastic tournament, it is always unfortunate when a final has to be decided by PKs, and unfortunately the PKs did not fall for us today. You stepped up and let yourselves be known this weekend. Finalist in second tier U13, four games with only two goals against, three shutouts, 120 scoreless minutes against a well know and winning Topeka club. . This we...ekend I received so many nice complements from coaches, referees, other team’s parents and random spectators because of your play, attitude and sportsmanship. One of the best complements you got this weekend was “It was great for our girls to play such a young talented team, they really made us pick step up our game. I wish we could play them more often”. I am so proud of all of you, well done ladies. See youtube slide show here:

Starz finalist HMWC.jpg

Starz Hold On To Win Game Two in Midwest Classic

Not quite dry from game 1 the night before once again the Starz took to the pitch over Labor Day weekend as the rain, remnants of hurricane Isaac, continued to fall. Squaring off against BMSC Blue Twisters the Starz, once again the younger and small of the teams on the field, were determined to let the Twisters know that the Starz came to play. After missing an open goal from within the six-yard box within the first minute of play the Starz fine-tuned their focus and scored three time in the first half while severely limiting the Twisters possession. As pretty as the first half was to watch if you are a Starz fan the second half was equally as ugly. The Starz seemed to struggle both offensively and defensively and as the second half dragged on the picture did not get any prettier. Failing to take open shots as well as communications breakdown throughout the field the Starz found their once large lead whittled down to 3 – 2 with 12 minutes remaining. As the seconds ticked away the intensity of the game increased providing proof to all of those rec ball parents that soccer really is a contact sport. Holding themselves together the Starz were able to hold off the Twisters with the help of a few awesome saves by the Starz second half keeper Makayla. As the referee signaled full time the Starz lead was still intact leaving them along at the top of pool B in their division.

Starz game 2.jpg
Starz Defeat Twisters 3 - 2 to Capture Pool Play

Starz Win Game One of Midwest Classic

Soaked to the bone, braving the wind and rain, decked out in white the U12 Freedom FC Starz faced off against the U13 KC Legends White for their first game in the tier II U13 Girls division of the Midwest Classic tournament in Overland Park, Kansas. KC Legends White is a team that the Starz are familiar with from league play and used their previous experience to their advantage ending an aggressive and see-saw half up 1 – 0 off of a goal by Starz striker Laynie from inside the six-box mid-way through the half. Determined not to end the half with a deficit KC Legends White picked up their attack and were able to place a few good balls through the Starz defensive line however quick reactions by Starz keeper, Hailey “55” to clear the ball left the Legends wanting. With less than 15 seconds remaining in the half the Legend s once again broke through the Starz defense. Unable to attack the ball “55” kept her position in the goal box allowing her defenders to try and contain the threat and protecting her goal. Shot fired, hitting the post and glancing out of bounds the Starz held on to their slim lead going into halftime.

Switching goalies for the second half Laurana took up her position in the box determined not to let “55”’s first half shutout fall. The Starz kept up their attack, pressing the ball deep into Legends territory but were unable to duplicate their first half success until Makenzie “Makie”, on a breakaway up the middle, was taken down inside the penalty box. Awarded a PK for the offense Makie stepped up to the spot and drilled the ball into the side net of the goal to put the Starz up 2-0. Again not happy with the change in the score line Legends attempted to pick up their intensity determined to put the ball in the back of the Starz net but the Starz keeper Laurana making two beautiful saves along with Starz defensive line locking up and shutting down the middle of the field continued to crush the hopes and dreams of the Legends. The Starz continued to counter attacks as they repelled the Legends but as the final whistle blew the score remained unchanged 2 – 0 in favor of the waterlogged Starz.

Starz game 1.jpg

Freedom FC Starz 2011 - 2012 Year in Review