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Thursday, March 4
FR Basketball Boosters sets new Board and committee chairpersons

Committee                                                    Chairperson

Player Clothing                                                Chris Maxim & Margo Gregory

-Program                                                         Bill McHugh & Margo Gregory

-Team Photos                                                   Nancy Flaherty                                                           

-Rettger Tournament/Scholarship                    Jim Gregory           

-Team Parents                                                   Carrie Matarazzo- JV&Varsity

                                                                        Chris Maxim   9th Grade

                                                                         Liz Bazzone   8th Grade

                                                                          Tracey Halleck  7th Grade

-Concession Stand                                            Cheryl Renzi & Jackie Painter           

-Senior Day                                                      Gerri Clair

-Senior Gifts                                                     Sue Ayasso

-Banquet                                                           Patti Ludwig

-Middle School Tournament                             Deron Farina, Erik Carlson, Jay Wiley                                             

-Megabucks                                                      Pete Biondo & Leslie Hlozek                                  

-Media                                                              JV & Varsity- Jim Gregory 

                                                                         9th Grade- Jackie Painter

                                                                         8th Grade- Susan Falce

                                                                         7th Grade-  Ken Halleck           

-50/50                                                                Jim Clair

- Banner Program                                              Bill McHugh

- Halftime Activities Coordinator                     Margo Gregory

- Box Lunch Away Games                                Rosie Biondo

-Team Dinner Coordinator                                Nancy Flaherty

- Read-Aloud Coordinator                                 Hope Schilling

-Highlight Video Coordinator                           Dennis Schilling & Mike Vendetti

-Website Administrator                                    Deron Farina

-Teacher Appreciation Night                            Margie Summers





Secretary                                     Jackie Painter

Treasurer                                     Dennis Schilling

Vice President                             Pete Biondo

President                                     Jim Gregory

Thursday, March 4
2010-2011 End of Season Banquet Changes

For the 2010-2011 Season end banquet, the following was approved by the Boosters:


    The Middle School teams (7th & 8th Grade) shall have their own event (i.e. pizza party at Rick's) to allow them to focus on their accomplishments as a team.


The High School teams (9th Grade, JV, and Varsity) will host a season end banquet as has been traditional, however it shall be focused on the high school teams.