Foxboro High School Girls Soccer: Preseason Information

Friday, August 7
2015 Preseason

2015 FHS Soccer Preseason Schedule


***You need to arrive to practice 15 minutes before the start time to properly warm up with your Captains.


You will need to bring a ball, water, and cleats and sneakers to every practice.


August 27th

  • 2:45-5:45 (Captains start warm up at 2:30)


August 28th

  • 8 am-11am (Captains start warm up 7:45)

  • 5pm -6:30 pm (Captains start warm up 4:45)


August 29th

  • Scrimmage in Medway (time TBD)


August 30th

  • 8am-11am (Captains start warm up 7:45)


August 31st

  • 8 am – 10 am (Captains start warm up 7:45)

    • Cuts will be made after the first session today if necessary

  • 5pm -6:30 pm (Captains start warm up 4:45)


September 1st

  • OFF


Sepetember 2nd

  • Practices TBD by individual coaches

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