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  Thanks to everyone that made Spring 2014 such a great season.  Minors and Majors playoffs are over but All-Stars are just around the corner.  Look for team announcements here on JUNE 2nd!!

Congratulations to the Cubs - Majors Division 2014 Spring Champions!

Congratulations to the Iron Birds - Minors Division 2014 Spring Champions! 


 New Boundary / School Attendance Rule from Little League International 

  Little League International has updated the residency requirement to include the boundaries of the schools that the child attends.  This means that all players that attend Bush, Entz, Hale, Hermosa Vista, Ishikawa, or Stapley JH (Juniors) can play in Four Peaks Little League even if they live outside of the boundaries.  

Note:  A school enrollment form must be completed and submitted to both the League and District 7.  The Four Peaks Little League ID is #04030711 (this is needed on the form).  Download the form below:

  Little League International has new rules related to the use of composite bats. Please see Little League International website for the the rules related to this issue. This link has the current list of approved bats.

Current List of Little League Approved Licensed Bats (Current for 2013/2014)

Come out support the league and make it a great season for the kids!

Contact the league hotline or email.

Please email questions to 

or call and leave message with the League Voice Mail @ 480-835-7225

For more  softball related information please visit

Tuesday, May 6
Spring 2014 Minors Playoffs

Thursday, May 8
Spring 2014 Majors Playoffs

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