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Congratulations to all the players that made the 2016 All Star Teams:

2016 Four Peaks Little League All Star Team 10-12 Division:


  • Andrew Eaton 
  • Blake Tyler 
  • Brycen Pirtle 
  • Callen Fowlkes 
  • Carson Reimers 
  • Ezra McNaughton 
  • Gilbert Prado 
  • Jacob Hilton 
  • Jorge Febres 
  • Mason Prock 
  • Matt Clark 
  • Shaun Thomas 
  • Tyler Cusson


2016 Four Peaks Little League All Star Team 9-11 Division:


  • Austin Franco 
  • Baley Viscardi 
  • Ben Reitmeyer
  • Brock Snow
  • Carter Banks 
  • Cody Drotzmann 
  • Darton Udall 
  • Drew Snow 
  • Parker Carling 
  • Porter Hunt 
  • Ryan Fernandez 
  • Sean Bradford 
  • Zachary Loiselle 
2016 Four Peaks Little League All Star Team 8-10 Division:
  • Aaron Godfrey
  • Chase Welker 
  • Cooper Cline 
  • Devin Bowman 
  • Griffin Udall 
  • Hagen Wright 
  • Jackson Wood 
  • Jackson Woolley 
  • Jake Lorenz 
  • LaRon Lorenz 
  • Nicholas Lopez 
  • Tyler Davis


 Little League International has new rules related to the use of composite bats. Please see Little League International website for the the rules related to this issue. This link has the current list of approved bats.

Get all of your information about approved bats and bat styles here.  Little League Bat Information Page

Come out support the league and make it a great season for the kids!

Contact the league hotline or email.

Please email questions to 

or call and leave message with the League Voice Mail @ 480-835-7225

For softball information please visit

Tuesday, May 10
2016 Majors Tournament

Tuesday, May 10
2016 Minors Tournament

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