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Sunday, September 2
2012/2013 Begins

 Alot of changes have occured to the Hot Shots.  Combining the Lions and Hot Shots have proven to be very rewarding.  We have so many new faces and families.  Very exciting times for both coaches and players.  I am certain that this will be a huge success as long as we continue to focus on whats important, our children.  We are committed to not only coaching basketball to to provide a positive rewarding environment for every athlete and their families.  

There will be some growing pains and not every player will feel comfortable with the new team that he is on.  Our coaches will make every attempt to make sure that each player gets the one on one development that they need.  We ask that parents encourage their kids to practice at home.  Parents, please communicate with your coach.  

As we embark on our season, it is our intention to push the kids to their limit in practice.  They will be learning alot over the next few weeks.  We will provide each player with a playbook to study.  It is imperative that the players know their sets and terminology.  The Hot Shots will be practicing twice a week through the SOCO season and schedules will be posted on the website.   

Prior the the first SOCO game we will have an opportunity to take pictures in our new uniforms.  We will let you know prior to that date.  Please friend the Hot Shots on Facebook and if you have a Droid or Iphone, post Hot Shot pictures to our Hot Shots Instagram account.

We are currently working on spriit gear for families.  Hoping to have tshirts, and other apparel available soon! 

 Thank you again for your support

Go Hot Shots !

Sunday, September 2