Fort Mcmurray Senior Men’s Soccer Association: Welcome

Welcome to the home of the Fort McMurray Senior Men's Soccer Association.

Please use the links on the left hand side of the page to find the information you need, if you can not find your answers here, the Association can be reach at, 

Contact Information: 

 Paul Kane          780-799-2421



SUNDAY MAY 3RD FROM 8pm TO 10pm at the Blackhorse pub

COST for player is $150.00, picture ID need to be with the registration form.

To be able to register you have to be on a team. 

Friday, May 1
2015 registration forms

Here  you can download the registration forms for the upcoming season, remember you need to be in a team and a picture ID would be required with your $150 payment.

If you don't have a team please contact Paul Kane. 

Handout: 2015 registration forms