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Tuesday, September 7
Austin "Giggles" Allen shows everyone why he is destined for great things on and off the court, check out his report card
Handout: Giggles

Monday, September 6
Parents if you are a proud Force One parent, and want to share your son's academic achievements see below

We always want our kids on display or high schools and colleges to get a first hand look at kids from our AAU organization. Please email your sons report card or any achievements that would make us all proud. All pdf docs should be emailed to coach @

We are looking forward to a great 2010-2011 academic shool year.

Tuesday, May 4
Education is stressed with this organization, take a look at this 12 & 13U Force One recieving top honors at his school
If any player needs help at any time we are all here to assist. All you have to do is ask.

Tuesday, May 4
Hard work pays off kids! The classroom is where it starts.

Any student that recieves Straight A's on their report card deserves some recongnition. This is true dedication, and commitment. 1 out of 2 million kids will make it to the NBA. So a college education and perhaps an MD, PHD, or Masters programs are going to be mandatory by the time these kids reach adulthood. Thats why at Force One we strive for educational excellence. The parents, coaches and staff are all on the same page literally speaking. See report card below. The C's are for completion, the grade category shows straight A's. Way to go Mr. Kyle.

Handout: Report Card