ODSC Force: Welcome

Welcome to the Force's website!”.

Bring it on .....We are ready for 2005! We work hard and play hard....
When we first formed the team, our players had a wide range of experience. From our twins who showed up in their baseball gear (and one season of recreational soccer experience when they were five) to other players who had up to six seasons of experience and who had played up an age bracket on an advanced team. The common denominator for all our players, their parents and our coaches is a diehard commitment to having fun playing soccer.

Practices usually end with parents having to drag the players off the field. We scrimmage other teams as often as possible including girls teams two to three years older and when other teams can't be found we force the parents to scrimmage. After our second season the club we played with considered a summer parents league but after hearing about our parents injuries during
scrimmages decided their insurance was insufficient and cancelled plans for the parents league.

We play and practice year round, playing indoor and tournaments during the winter, playing tournaments in the summer and league play in the fall and spring. We have been together 5 seasons. The first and second seasons Fall 2001 and Spring 2002 we were first in the HRCL (Hampton Roads Challenge League)an Advanced Recreational League. The previous season we were first in SEVYSA U-10 A Division. We then moved up to U11 and then the U13 Division.

We enjoy traveling together as a team and have traveled to tournaments in Northern Virginia, Tennessee, Florida,Myrtle Beach and North Carolina.

Let's kick that ball to the goal!

We are ready for a great 2005!