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Category: Defensive Line
Type: Drill


Drills for Defensive Ends include fighting the double team, containment, pass rush, and short zone coverages. Ends must quickly recognize when they are being double teamed and strive to punch through the blockers with the rip technique. If the shoulders are turned in this effort, they must quickly be squared again to the play. The rule of thumb is for the End to never be driven back or out of the hole. Ends are taught to go to the ground if necessary to avoid being expelled from their area of responsibility.

Often the primary responsibility of the defensive end is containment. The End takes on the blocker with the inside shoulder keeping the outside shoulder and hand free to the sideline side. The defensive end drives through the blocker and attempts to close down any inside running lanes forcing the ball carrier to the outside where the End has a free arm pinching the runner back into pursuit. The End's ultimate responsibility is not to allow the runner to his outside shoulder or beyond.

Defensive End's run the passer in a looping motion and never in a straight line. This forces the passer up and to the inside rather than allowing the passer to get to the outside of the End. DEs also must be able to guard a small area against the pass in certain situations. Knowledge of the short passing zones and pass patterns are therefore a must.

Any drill that optimizes the outside-in theory prevalent to the DE position, or that improves foot speed and getting the hands up for the pass should be used.

Submitted by: Coach Hutchison

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