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In this section, Coach Hutchison shares some of his philosophies on playing and winning at the game of football.

Trying to exhibit for display all my philosophies of what it takes to win at the sport of football has proved a daunting task indeed. Although I prefer a multidimensional power offense capable of the quick strike and an overly physical, overly aggressive, dominating style of defense, these styles may not suit a particular group of athletes. It is the meshing of what a coach wants and what he or she has to work with that is the formula for success. This is the main reason so many coaches fail at one school and succeed at another. This is also the reason a coach "needs" several season to install his offense or defense successfully; the coach needs to recruit players that fit within the schemes he or she is attempting to install. This meshing dilemma is also the reason so many great coaches have been able to be so successful for so long. It is considerably easier for a coach to modify (if only for part of a season) his or her individual traits than to modify the entire squad's. An example would be for say an Acorn State to attempt to pound the ball down a Notre Dame's throat with the power running game. Regardless of possible previous successes in running the football, such a strategy in the mythical game suggested above can only lead to one, inevitable conclusion--failure. Coaches that can at least temporarily adjust to the talent available, or the talent faced, are always going to be the more successful coaches. Such adaptation has been a benchmark of great coaches like Dean Smith, Bobby Knight, and Eddie Robinson, to name but a few.

Here I will break down my basic philosophies for the offense, defense, and special teams.

- Coach Hutchison

Offensive philosophies
  • The Golden Rules of Offense

    Defensive philosophies
  • General Defensive Philosophies
  • Keys for Great Defensive Plays

    Special teams Philosophies
  • General Special Teams Philosophies
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