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In the words of Bob Reade, one of the most successful coaches ever, "You can't make a player do anything, you can only make him want to do it." One way to motivate a player is to provide a tiered system of goals that are achievable and that lead to the quest of further goals. Seemingly unattainable goals seem to lack purpose to players and undermine team unity and collective effort. For example, telling a player with limited skills who has only a slim chance at reaching the next level that he will "make it to the Pros" in an effort to extract greater player output is nothing short of dishonest as someone is bound to inform him of later. Bob Reade reports (p.58) that only 6.2 percent of the more than one million high school football players each year will ever play at the college level. Of these elite, only 2.4 percent will ever play Pro ball. Far, far less than one percent of high school players ever make it to the professional level. Although these numbers seem discouraging, it is still true that football will provide a free or partially free college education for thousands of these players. Thus setting the goal of using football as a tool to gain an affordable education is more honest and attainable.

The quickest way for a coach to win over his players is to "wear his heart on his sleeve", in the words of Coach Geddes Self, Jr. In other words, if a coach really cares for his players he will show it. He will show it by the way that he talks to, and of, them. The team concept starts at the top and trickles down to the water boy.
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