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defending your player
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  Nickname: neighboreeno
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Posted: 5/22/2009 10:50pm
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  defending your player  
My daughter was a player with La Verne Girls Softball. I use the word WAS because my child lost her desire to play based on the treatment she received during the 2008 seasons. I believe my daughter was a victim of bias and favoritism, which prompted me to refrain from signing her up for the 2009 season.

She visited her some of her former teammates during the 2009 season, watched them hit homeruns, throw strikes and slide at home for that crucial winning point. I watched with my daughter; seeing her former teammates who last season could barely field a ball improve to getting a player out at home. These girls, who worked so hard, will never reap the rewards of a job well done.

None of their hard work matters. None of it matters because it had all ready been decided, as it had been in former years who was going to make All-Stars in some backroom of a league sponsored pizza parlor or burger joint. It was already decided barring any unforeseen circumstance, the same girls who have made the “elite team” every year should make it again.

This year was no different. I saw several girls that exceeded the expectations indicative of what an All-Star athlete is. However, the league did not care. It had already been decided before an assessment who was to be on what team and who was to be an All-Star.

These girls; these “All-Stars” are touted by the league as an unbeatable force; the players with the most; the future of the game; the reason they will be bringing softball back to the Olympics.

To this I say, poppycock. This league would not know true talent if it smacked them in the face, because they never look for it. They are too busy trying to figure out a way to keep their daughters in the All-Star spotlight.

The 2009 season came to a close recently. I waited anxiously for the announcement of who was this year’s cream of the crop. I crossed my fingers and hoped that this year would be different, that this year, I would hear the name of that girl that went from striking out to hitting homers or the name of that girl who went from picking daisies in the outfield to charging players at the plate, but that did not happen. Instead, I heard what I always heard, every coach's daughter, and the president of the league's daughter and so forth and so on. I was left feeling dismayed and filled with disappointment. I was left feeling I had to say something.

I am writing this message for every girl who gives one hundred and ten percent, for every girl who cheers every player, for every girl who applauds a good play (even from an opposing team), for every girl who is gracious in defeat and in victory, but most of all, I am writing this message for every girl who has been robbed of the opportunity to prove themselves because of blatant favoritism forced upon them by a group of adults who abuse their position to continue making All-Stars a “Family Affair”.

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  Nickname: L2009
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Posted: 5/27/2009 4:09pm
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  Happy  Re: defending your player  
Hello,I totally agree with you!!! It is sad how many great players do not get picked because the coach's daughter was picked and she looked the worst in try-outs.But on the other hand my daughter did make the team the past two years.Last year was a shocker cuz she is always on a losing team.I am not in the "in" crowd of softball player parents either.Sometimes I feel they already know who will make it before tryouts!! Good luck to you!!

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  Nickname: coachc__92
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Posted: 9/12/2009 9:39am
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  Re: defending your player  
Welcome to the sports world of "Rec" ball. Sports programs that are run and coached by parents should absolutly be banned!!! People involved with all the obvious favoritism that exists just don't get it, there're the same ones that don't push their kids to exceed in life, but rather find ways to "pay their way" or buy them a job. All the way telling them how great they are.
I hope you find a team that your daughter can play on. It would be a crime if you let them win with their politics. Good luck

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  Nickname: Cindyp_0126
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Posted: 9/28/2009 4:22pm
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  Re: defending your player  
I completely agree with you. They will completely overlook the new girl that outshines the one that has been playing for years and was good at a certain point but because the parents are "friends" with board members, thats what usually happens. They are hypocrites who say, "its for the girls". My daughter used to play at a league in the San Gabriel Valley area. We went to another city now for fallball.

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  Nickname: Softball_Papa
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Posted: 11/3/2009 12:33pm
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  Re: defending your player  
do you mind if I ask what league so I know not to go there.

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  Nickname: Skittles_Softball
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Posted: 6/2/2010 9:31am
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  Blushing  Re: defending your player  
I am proud to say I am a parent/coach of a 10u softball team. I have only sent my daughter to All-Stars once. I always make sure to send a few talented girls, but always send a most improved player as well as girls who had the best attendance or attitude. I know we are rare, but there are still some honest coaches out here that are in it for the kids!!!

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