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Travel Coaches & Greed
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  Nickname: cafemom
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Posted: 9/7/2008 8:56pm
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  Travel Coaches & Greed  
To all you Travel Coaches out there..I think you need to remember you are dealing first and foremost with KIDS. My very talented son tried out for a team he dearly wanted to be on by invitation of the coach...only to discover he wasn't seriously looking for new players, his roster was set..he was just curious about my son. My son was devastated. He thought he had a chance to make the team. Don't get a kids hopes up just because you are looking for the next A ROD!! Most kids are not A ROD but they are people with REAL FEELINGS.

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  Nickname: mcclure2
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Posted: 4/13/2009 8:56pm
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  Re: Travel Coaches & Greed  
Your Right, That's BS. If you are right, and not just hearing gossip,
I myself have never seen a set roster with a player trying out, and for sure have not done it.

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      Nickname: Chuck2001
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    Posted: 8/20/2009 11:19am
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      Re: Travel Coaches & Greed  
    Have you ever thought that maybe this coach needed 1 player and he ask say 3 to come to a work out with the team to see how he and his family fit in with everyone else. Maybe your son was equal to the 3 and maybe better than some on the team, but it is his team and he may have had it set up 2 or 3 years and wants these kids to stay together no matter who is the best.

    We have had the announcement tryouts to get maybe 2 players. You have every rec league Allstar come to try out, mommy says they are the best this or that and usually 95% of them can't catch the ball. So that is why we stated doing an invitation to work out with our team. We have let some go that were very good players but the parents didn't fit our teams criteria.

    I am sure if your son played with a team for a few years and the coach was a friend and it was a community team to build up kids for the area and you had spent many hours of hard work raising money and helping do duties and he cut your Son for a better player, you wouldn't feel good about that either. Like it or not travel ball is sort of a business! Everyone that don't make a team always get their feelings hurt when they don't make it. I had 2 one year that were very good players in a tryout and would have made the team but my wife heard them say they hope they didn't make it because we worked too hard I didn't take them. Mom and dad didn't like it but thats life.

    And it does pain a coach to look at a kid after a tryout and tell them they didn't make it.

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