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New Energy Drink Available--Xowii!!!
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Posted: 10/16/2009 5:38pm
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  Exclamation  New Energy Drink Available--Xowii!!!  
There is a new energy drink available now called Xowii Energy!
It is made with a fruit from Hawaii called the Kona Red Coffee Cherry
which has 33 times more antioxidants than blueberries and only 55 calories per 8oz can!

Any athlete (and their parents) would greatly benefit from it's healthy ingredients.
Xowii Trim will be introduced in November--a citrus drink/appetite suppressant
for those of us who are watching our waistline.

If you would be interested in purchasing Xowii or becoming a Xowii distributor,
please contact me at
I can also send you a free sample of Xowii at your request (serious inquiries only please).

Xowii would be an awesome addition to any snackbar!
You can start earning money for your team with Xowii by signing the team up as a Xowii distributor!
Some good ideas for snack bar:
--Xowii (sell Xowii by itself--chilled for best taste)
--Xowii Ice Cream Float (use Xowii instead of Root Beer)
--Xowii Smoothie (mix Xowii with non-fat frozen yogurt)
--Xowii Hot Chocolate (use Xowii instead of water or milk to make Hot Chocolate)
--Xowii Coffee (mix Xowii with freshly brewed coffee)
--Xowii Bagel (mix Xowii with cream cheese or peanut butter and spread over 1/2 toasted bagel)

Brenda Quinn (so cal pitching & hitting lessons) (t-shirts, uniforms and more!)

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