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Speed Training and Strength and Conditioning
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  Nickname: SpeedyMendoza
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Posted: 10/19/2008 11:20pm
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  WinkWink  Speed Training and Strength and Conditioning  
The Academy, which is put together by Marian "Speedy" Mendoza, softball coach extraordinaire! Speedy has amazing connections, strong communications to local Division 1 schools and an OUTSTANDING history with softball, both as a player and a coach. With Speedy's 10+ years of collegiate coaching, she has helped 60+ athletes find their way to a free education! Through The Academy, Speedy, as well as her team of collegiate coaches, will be teaching softball conditioning, as well as, offensive and defensive fundamentals.The Academy is every Monday and Wednesdays at 5pm @ Fullerton College Softball Field. For information call 714-812-1863 or email

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