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First Year Coach, needing advice
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Posted: 8/28/2010 9:19pm
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I'm a first year Coach in East Tennessee at a small but good school. I need advice from some veteran coaches out there on how to get my offensive line prepared weekly with VERY little time!..WE are a private school and only have 1 hour of practice time available on Mondays due to J.V. and 2 Hours on Tuesday. Wed is one hour and thursday is 1.5 hours in shorts and helmets. I had a lot more time as a player in high school and college to get ready for a game and my coaches did too!..HELP! My line is huge and should be blowing everyone off the ball!..average size is 6'2 260lbs!...yet we are only averaging 77 yards rushing in our first 2 games and we are 1-1 and should be a commanding 2-0!..HELP!

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