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Two Questions for the Refs
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Posted: 8/10/2010 11:19am
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  Question  Two Questions for the Refs  

I officiate baseball, but some recent post-game discussions prompted the following questions among my partners who also do football:

1. "One Point Safety" - I believe there is a case where a team can score a 1-point safety. I believe it involves a scrimmage kick "try" that fails and the defense attempts to advance it. (NCAA probably.)

Is this possible? I thought I saw it a few years ago when Tex Tech and Texas A&M had such a case, and ironically, it was in Referee magazine about 5 weeks before.

2. Free kick for a score. Sitch: Team A punts the ball from their end zone, and team B properly executes a fair catch at the A 35 yard line. There are a mere seconds left in the half, so team B requests a "Free Kick" from the spot of the fair catch. If good, it's 3 points, yes? And if not, Team A gets the ball at their 35. True?



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