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Monday, November 12

Girls Basketball
1) Do you think we as a society should promote girls basektball the same way as boys basketball?
   Fine the way it is
   Should be promoted the same
   Promoted to much as it is
   None of the above
2) Who is the best point guard of all times?
   Rajon Rondo
   Magic Johnson
   Derek Rose
   John Stockton
   None of the above
3) What Women's basketball team has the best chance of stopping Baylor from having a repeat?
   Team not listed

Disney Characters
Monday, October 1

A Day of Play at Disney where Amazing things can happen when a families comes together to do things together. A team that can bond together will be a family that is united forever. The world is fast paced and work against a families unity. We can easily strengthen our teams relationships by spending time with one another, listening to each other, and respecting each other’s opinions.Our fun day at Disney will encourage an unwavering bond amongst players' and families.We love to work hard and play hard!

See you at Disney,

Coach Barlow and Family

Gotta Have It by Hip Hop Beats

Sunday, October 21
Garage Sale
We are having a garage sale Saturday, Nov 10th, 2012 from 9:00 - 1:00 @ McDonalds 1028 Lee Rd. Orlando, FL 32810. We are collecting items if anyone would like to donate please email us mailto:floridaladylegends@hotmail.com

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