Florida Excel Sports Academy, LLC Mission Statement

  Florida Excel Sports Academy's Mission is the pursuit of excellence in all levels of the game; to provide the opportunity for soccer training and play for all interested participants designed to develop individual skills, fitness, teamwork and sportsmanship, to support the physical, mental and emotional development of youth players, and to promote, foster and perpetuate the growth of soccer in our community. We will accomplish this by developing educationally meaningful programs for players, parents, clubs and coaches that are challenging but are easy to access and understand, providing consistently superior coaching, training facilities and equipment, and supporting exceptionally well-conceived and organized events supported by dedicated members who are confident, competent and caring

FXL SOCCER Club Mission

The mission of FXL Soccer is to provide all soccer players, who aspire to reach their full potential, with a competitive and challenging environment that emphasizes the development of his/her technical and tactical skills.

Club Philosophy

FXL Soccer is registered with the US Club Soccer with its headquarters in Deltona, FL. The Club's main objective is to train players in the sport of soccer. The Club has competent individuals that are exclusively dedicated to train players. The Clubs’ main activity is to recruit, train and build teams to compete in the Southeast Region. The club will provide players of both genders, who are eager to succeed, with the necessary technical skills to flourish as soccer players. Each team will have a designated head coach and a manager. The head coach will be responsible for the technical and tactical training of each team. They will coach the team during its competitive seasons. The purpose of the club is to create an environment where players can train and develop their technical abilities to their fullest within a team environment. This program starts with the U-9 player. Our training philosophy will be reflected throughout the whole program because we place special emphasis on technique training. Each player will receive generous individual attention during technical training sessions and within a group and/or team structure. We also help the players develop the correct attitude toward practices and games.

Club Organization

The club has experienced coaches that will train and manage the teams (boys and girls). Each team will have between 10 and 18 players. Practices will be three-four times per week. At times, we may invite other teams to play scrimmage games. During these games, the focus will be on encouraging players to use and develop their acquired individual skills and talents. As part of their development, the club will provide the team the following: • 4-8 tournaments per registration year • Goal Keeper Training • Striker Training • 1 local College Showcase and Camp Player Commitment Players and parents are required to commit 100% to this Club. The Club understands that family and school are first. We only require from each player to attend each practice, game and tournament. These events will be scheduled and announced well in advance to avoid conflicts with other activities. Each player/parent will be required to sign a contract.

Commitment by the Club

The Club will provide each player a 12-month commitment. This pledge is subject to the player's compliance of rules and duties to the club (absences, attitude, effort, school work, etc.). This means that each player will be given 12 months to develop to their fullest. Each player will be evaluated every 4 months. Each evaluation will be discussed with parents and players as well. The areas assessed will be technical (dribbling, passing, etc.) as well as social (attitude, effort, etc.). The club will also schedule social events such as picnics, fundraising and visits to charitable organizations. These events will help create a healthy environment for the players to develop as responsible members of our society.

Parent Responsibilities

• Punctuality - Make sure that your child arrives at all practices on time with the proper equipment.  • Assistance - Help with one of the many jobs that are crucial to the success of a team. These may be acting as a team manager, helping the coach, etc.  • Knowledge - Know the rules of the game. Know and understand the FXL Soccer Coaches Duties and Responsibilities.

Coaches Responsibilities

The Coaches are responsible for the following actions: • Participate in Club team tryouts • Participate in the selection of players for the Club • Train players at all practices  • Observe and coach during team games • Overall management of the team.

Players Responsibilities

A player's role is to commit to the weekly practices and weekend scrimmages for constant improvement. Weekly practices are to learn new technical skills. Team practice sessions are for demonstrating the acquired skills, correcting technique and working with the team as a unit. • Players are responsible for soccer gear. • Players must arrive at practice at least 15 minutes prior to practice start time. • Players must participate in post-game team talks, jog and stretch sessions at the end of practice/matches.

Player Selection

FXL Soccer selects players based on skill, commitment and attitude. A willingness to learn and hard work are the keys to being selected for the Club. Other criteria used in selecting players are performance in a tryout environment and recommendations of present and/or previous coaches.

Players Conduct and Disciplinary Action

In order to maintain an effective Club, players are asked to conform to certain commonly accepted standards. Any players breaking the following rules will be subject to immediate suspension pending a review by the coaches and the FXL Soccer Board. Actions resulting in immediate suspension include: • Physical or verbal abuse of another player whether be a teammate, club-mate or opponent. • Physical or verbal abuse of a coach, assistant coach, referee, parent or spectator. • Tardiness and/or failure to attend games or practices. • Poor or disruptive attitude. • Theft or destruction of any property.


When players arrive at practice early, they are expected to use that time to warm-up. A warm-up is absolutely necessary before playing soccer. Cold muscles should not be stretched; they have to be warmed up first. Players are expected to lead by example by performing warm-ups on their own and not waiting for others.

Player Absences

In the event that a player must miss practice, either coach or team manager must be notified of the reason at least 24 hours prior to practice. Missing practice without a valid reason may result in dismissal from the Club.


A family commitment is essential for a club player's success. Players’ attendance at Practices, Scrimmages and Tournament games is MANDATORY except on unusual circumstances. A high number of unexcused absences may result in a player's commitment to be evaluated and possibly released from the club program. For FXL Soccer to be successful, it is paramount that parents be supportive to all players, coaches, referees and fellow parents. We expect parents to keep a positive attitude and ask parents to refrain from negative criticism directed at anyone. Parents are never allowed to approach a referee before, during or after a game. Any and/or all question should be addressed with the coach. Any deviation from the rules stated above may result in grounds for dismissal from the Club by the Board of Directors. Negative, aggressive, or obnoxious behavior by any adult does not support the players’ development in becoming better soccer players and will not be tolerated! Your cooperation is not only appreciated, it is mandatory.  

Sunday, January 26
FXL Soccer Individual / Small Group Training

FXL Soccer offers Individual / Small Group / Specialty Training Sessions (GoalKeeper, Striker, etc) 

Training Classes are INCLUDED in your Monthly Memebership 

When: Starting February 1st 

Monday 4:00PM - 5:00PM

Wednesday 4:00PM - 5:00PM / 5:00PM - 6:00PM / 6:00PM - 7:00PM

Friday 4:00PM - 5:00PM / 5:00PM - 6:00PM / 6:00PM - 7:00PM


Thursday, April 10

The YDP program is open to all boys and girls age 8-12.

All FXL teams participate in weekly practices run by professional coaches.

Games played in the Youth Development League (YDL) are sanctioned by US CLUB SOCCER.

YDL member clubs host monthly tournament structured games.  

ALL TEAMS PLAY 11 v 11 - Rosters are capped at 22 players per team, however, rosters can be modified weekly based on club selection criteria, team needs, player availability, etc. 


If you are intereseted, please contact Mike Jackson at 386-717-1577 for more information