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   Florida Dixie Youth Baseball 

2015 State Tournaments

July 11   T-Ball                  Mulberry hosting

July 11   Machine Pitch     Sebring hosting  

July 18   Minor                Franklin County hosting     

July 18   Major                Liberty County hosting     

July 18   Ozone               Franklin County hosting    




 Thanks everyone for attending the State Meeting. It was nice seeing everyone again and I hope you have a great season. Please check back as I will be updating the site often.  


Adopted changes for 2015 


Tournament Rule XV (I)(4) - Page 107

District & State Tournament play has adopted the state option.  


1.10 (b) Page 30 2 5/8 Barrel  Bats

State has prohibited the use of 2 5/8 barrel bats in T-Ball tournament play.   


AA State Tournaments will offer the "B" division.

To be eligible to participate the league cannot have more than 48 rostered players in the AA division. The league will agree to forfeit its right to advance to the AA World Series.  


T-Ball District & State Tournament play.

The player pitcher (middle infielder) will be required to wear a batting helment with a face protector while on defense.  




Florida Dixie Youth Baseball

“B” Division State Tournaments



The “B” division State tournament allows a league that has a small number of children registered in a division the option to play against other leagues with less players. There is no advancement beyond the state level.


  • B division state tournaments are offered in the AA, AAA, Ozone and Major leagues.

  • Leagues will be required to notify the State Director in writing prior to April 1 if they would like to participate in the B division or they will default to traditional.

  • B division will not advance beyond State Tournament play.

  • B division will be limited to leagues with 36 players or less in a division. EXCEPTION: AA division 48 players.

  • There must be a minimum of 4 teams for a B division or the teams will revert to traditional.

  • B division will receive a championship and runner up team trophy as well as the champion will be awarded a flag.