Little League Baseball & Softball - Florida District 13: Welcome

Tuesday, November 24
The Fall Season Brings Changes

A new District Administrator was elected this past June -- Chris Webb.  Chris is taking over for Michelle Barry, who completed her 3-year term as DA and decided to retire from Little League administration.  Michelle will remain on district staff as the Information Officer and to help Chris transition into the DA position.

Chris has over 35 years as an ADA and a District Umpire over in District 4, and was willing to take on the DA position when no one in District 13 was available to take over.  So Welcome, Chris!  

We'd also like to announce the new District UIC - Rich Bavilaqua.  Rich has many years as a Little League volunteer umpire, so we welcome his expertise.  Rich replaces Dave Alonso who spent many years as a District Umpire on staff and has also decided to retire from his volunteer position.

What's Been Happening?
The first order of business for DA Chris is to redefine the boundaries for all the Leagues in District 13.  With several former Little Leagues now operating as Cal Ripken organizations, there is a lot of boundary that is not defined as Little League boundary. We hope to add a good amount to each League, so they can draw from a bigger pool of players.

Children who live in what we call unchartered areas (not part of a Little League boundary) can play the Spring Season at a Little League, but cannot participate in post season tournaments.  By adding as much boundary as possible to our Leagues, we hopefully can alleviate the issue of players not being able to participate in All Stars.  We hope to have all this finalized by January 2016--just in time for Spring registration.

Little League International Board of Directors Amends Age Determination Date Implementation
At its August 2015 meeting, the Little League International Board of Directors amended the age determination date for all divisions of Little League Baseball to move to August 31, starting with the 2018 season. 

Effective as of November 13, 2015, a new implementation plan has been established, grandfathering children born between May 1 and August 31, 2005 as 12-year-olds for the 2018 season, using the April 30 age determination date. This four-month group of individuals will begin utilizing the new August 31 age determination date beginning with the 2019 season.  

All other children participating in Little League Baseball will continue to follow the implementation strategy established in August 2015, which is to use August 31 as the age determination date.  Moving the age determination date allows Little League to work toward its goals of becoming a younger organization, provides children more opportunities play with their friends and classmates, and make the Little League (Major) Baseball Division truly a 12 and under program.