Florida District 14: Welcome

Welcome to the Florida District 14 Website!

District 14 includes the following leagues:  Dr. Phillips, Ocoee, South Lake, Windermere, and Winter Garden.  

Approved boundary map/description for Florida District 14 includes: Dr. Phillips LL, Ocoee LL, South Lake LL, Windermere LL, Winter Garden LL.  

Boundary Descriptions

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District 14 is part of Section 5 for the State of Florida.  Section 5 also includes Districts 3, 23, and 24.

District 14 League Presidents And Staff and Section 5 Info

Little League, Inc. states that Although leagues assess registration fees, which are used to purchase uniforms and equipment, maintain fields, etc., and very vital to the successful operation of the program, the fee cannot be a prerequisite for playing.  The Little League philosophy does not permit any eligible candidate to be turned away. In addition, in Florida District 14, we do request that if you are unable to pay the fee that you work something out with the individual program.  As a parent you should fulfill your obligation to support the program in which your child participates by volunteering your time and services.  Emphasizing the spirit of Little League, rules require that every child plays in every game.

Click here for a handout that describes the Little League Baseball and Softball structure for parents.


Maps and Directions

Click on "Locations" for maps and directions to all locations within district 14 and our fellow section five leagues in districts 3, 23, and 24.

Game Schedules

You will find information here on any regular season inter-league games, district-level tournaments (top team and all stars), and district 14 hosted tournaments (section or state).  Typically our softball teams and junior and senior baseball teams play regular season inter-league games.

Schedules are posted under "Schedules" on the left, as well as under "Handouts" (usually excel files).

Please note:  scores are posted for tournament games only!  Regular season scores are not maintained.

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Check out the league boundary maps for each league found under "District 14 LL Bouandaries"