Flagler Senior Softball: Welcome

Flagler Senior Softball

Established 1995 

Our Mission!

Seniors Playing Softball

Enjoy your summer. Fall Season begins in September. 

Open to all seniors 55 + during the current calendar year  

Three Seasons 

Winter (Jan-Mar)        Spring (Apr- June)        Fall (Sept-Nov)    

      2 Divisions 55+ and 65+  

 We appreciate our veterans every day!

5   If you are interested in playing Senior Softball


Commissioner Gary Hall ghall842@yahoo.com

Bob Smith  rduvalle@aol.com

Joe Mastropietro jmastropietro001@gmail.com

 Rich Sedotto fishingpoppop@gmail.com 

Gary Bowers gbowers49@yahoo.com

Bryant Thorpe bcoolt1@aol.com 


If your glove needs repairs, contact  "Billy Ballglove" Bill Deneen 386 627-8461


*website info contact Pete Celestino at jpcel@hotmail.com  or 386-864-5802