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Welcome Home

Welcome To The New Home of The Flagler County Middle School Basketball Program!!!!!
  • The 2012 Championship Round has been set, and in the Battle of The Empire State the surprising Knicks will be looking to calm the powerful Red Storm who look to add to their regular season chmapionship...
  • Meanwhile the upstart Mustangs look to steal the thrown from the regular season champion Kings.....
  •  In Addition Saturday will feature this  year's edition of the annual Battle For The County Game in addition to a few teams looking to end their season off strong and with pride in the day's consolation games....
  • Tickets are $3 per adult and $2 student...season passes can't be used for playoff games.....
  • Congrats To The Red Storm and Kings The 2012 Regular Season Division Champions
  • Don't miss out on the 2012 End of The Year Ceremony..Awards for all players...honoring this seasons champions.....a tribute to the 2012 season with an announcement about the 2013 season...Plus Food and Drinks  Tickets are $10 per person and can be purchased at the concession stand during all playoff games....


Autism AcronymAutism Awarness Puzzle Piece

Ribbon Explaination

  • April Is Autism Awareness Month...In Recognition Of This Month Various Coaches and Staff Members Will Be Wearing Either The Color Blue, The Puzzle Piece (Which Represents The Diversity and Familes Autism Touches).
*Sidenote....Checkout Our Facebook Page To See Pictures Of The Flagler County Hurricanes In Action At The AAU 2012 Easter Classic In Addition To Pictures Of Previous Weeks In The Season...

Click On The Link Below To Checkout The Latest From The Flagler Hurricanes Network.......


Interested In Helping The Team?????
You can donate to help us achieve our goal of $2000 to help us with expenses such as refs, trophies/awards, and communitiy awarness projects that are featured during our theme days (i.e. Autism and Cancer Awarness).
In addition we also would like to establish scholarships for players who cannot afford the registration fee and also establishing a scholarship fund which will give scholarships to past players who will begin college or trade school...
For More Information Click On The "Donate Now" Tab or email: mustangbball10@gmail.com

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Sunday, November 13
Flagler County Middle School Basketball Program