Catholic Football League - CFL: Welcome

Serving the Diocese of Allentown since 2010


2013 Championship Games - October 27th, 2013 at Notre Dame High School

The Trauma Bowl IV - Sponsored by the Lehigh Valley Health Network Trauma Division

Flag Championship -  ACCGreen vs BECA

12:00noon, Notre Dame High School

The Dante DeFranco Bowl IV - Sponsored by Dante DeFranco Screenprinting

3rd/4th Championship -   ND vs ACC

1:30pm, Notre Dame High School

The Spirk Brothers Bowl III - Sponsored by Spirk Brothers, Commercial, Residential, and Industrial Construction

5th/6th Championship - ND vs ACCGreen

3:15pm, Notre Dame High School 



2013 Flag Football Playoff Games - October 20th, 2013 at Notre Dame High School

The NERC Bowl - Sponsored by the North End Republican Club of Allentown, PA

BECA defeated ACCWhite 21-14 on October 20th

The Bengal Bite Bowl IV - Sponored by DeMartino Dental Group, P.C. and Bengal Bite Laboratories, LLC

ACCGreen defeated ACCGold 28-0 on October 20th


2012 Champions

Flag Champion:  ACCGold

ACCGold defeated ACCGreen 35-14 in The Trauma Bowl III

3rd/4th Champion: ACCGreen

ACCGreen defeated ACCGold 19-6 in The Spirk Brothers Bowl II

5th/6th Champion:  BecaGold

BecaGold defeated Pius 14-13 in The Bangor Podiatry Bowl II


2012 Playoff Bowl Games, November 3rd Results - Pius X High School
Flag:  ACCGold 21  NDGold 0 in The Chestnut Hill Landscaping Bowl II
Flag: ACCGreen 28  Beca 0 in The Bengal Bite Bowl III
3rd/4th: ACCGold 6  ACCWhite 0 in The Green Pond Nursery Bowl II
3rd/4th: ACCGreen 13  Notre Dame 0  in The Kurtz Bowl III
5th/6th: BecaGold 33  ACCGreen 7 in The Grace Industries Bowl III
5th/6th: Pius 33  NDGold 0  inThe Dante DeFranco Screenprinting Bowl III 
2011 Champions
Flag Division:  ACC Green
ACC Green defeated ACC Gold 28 to 14
3rd/4th Division:  Notre Dame
Notre Dame defeated ACC Gold 13 to 7 (OT)
5th/6th Division:  ACC Gold
 ACC Gold defeated Pius 16 to 0
2010 Champions
Flag Division:  Thomas More Red   (former CYO Flag League)
Defeated St. Jane in the Championship Game.
3rd/4th Division:  ACC Green
 Defeated Pius in the Championship Game.

5th/6th Division:  ACC Green  

Defeated ACC Gold in the Championship Game. 

Catholic Football League (CFL)
Founded 2010
Diocese of Allentown, PA
Youth Flag and Tackle Football for Grades K through 6 Sponsored by:
Allentown Central Catholic High School
Bethlehem Catholic High School
Notre Dame High School
Pius X High School  

The premise of the league is that each of the four Catholic High Schools in Greater Lehigh Valley area sponsors as many teams at each division as it can each year, maximizing the playing time of every player. Typically, a high school sponsors two or more teams at each division, differentiated by color (e.g., ND Blue and ND Gold).   There are no weight limits in the CFL - boys of every size are permitted to play. However, boys who exceed a weight cutoff are restricted to certain positions, for the safety of others.



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